Light up a room

Hey readers,

When thinking of room design two things that stand out to me and they are lightening and spatial design.

Now when we look at lightening it can serve many functions not only practical such as giving warm and more space to the room. But also helps creates an ambiance and can finish a room off.

The one good thing about modern-day lighting is not necessarily about covering a light but making a feature for the room instead.

I think one the main aspects of lightning in a room is light shades as they tend to be the center of the room.  You can find some lovely lampshades that are handmade and designed with thought behind them at design light shop. 

With all the lights chosen from the Studio Arntzen website, they are handmade to order and they are easy to clean. They should also last many years to come making it more money efficient for you in a long time.

I recently came across Studio Arntzen website is owned by the designer called Paula Arntzen who is a Dutch lighting designer . She has a Masters in Design Products. She owns the company Studio Arntzen where her main focus is on the realisation of monumental light. She has designed installations for public spaces, products, and worked for a wide range of clients in the Netherlands and internationally. Therefore the focus is achieving lighting that function but designed to work well within a room for practical use.

There are many different light shades on Studio Arntzen but the main theme that is apparent is the openness for the light to travel within the room. The delicate design gives character. I particularly like the Grand Trianon, I find it attractive in its design because it feels airy.

As the light shade has open spaces with the holder it makes the room feel bigger. I like the neutral colour as it feels calm and does not overpower you. With the design, you don’t need to go over the top so it is just right in subtlety.



The next light is called Heliodiscus, it is by far my favorite light shade in the collect. I like the delicate design, it is unusual which appeals to me as I love something a bit different. I love the glow that comes with the light and can really help make you feel at home if it was placed in your living room for instance.


If your looking to add warmth to an area then check out this next light called Trias which is a small light with a triangular shape made of PP foil material and comes in the colour gold. It is suited for a downlight. It is perfect if you want something not so overpowering and small in size then this will be the one for you.


What I particularly like about all these designs are yes they are simple but they still give that character. They are not overpowering and can create an illusion of more space during lighter months. However, the light shades can still add warmth from the light needed during the darker nights. Not to mention that the neutral colours mean that it can be partnered well with a variety of different decor within that room. Meaning that if at a later date you want to change the room then you don’t have the fear that you have to change the lampshade to accommodate the decor as the light shades are versatile as they are neutral in colour. Therefore, making it environmentally friendly as you are not splashing out on another lampshade.

Cheers for reading X

This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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