What You Can Expect When You Stop Smoking And Start Vaping

Quit Smoking And Start Vaping

Recently there has been a lot hype going on about the host of benefits that people are able to enjoy when making the choice to change from traditional tobacco products to the vaping electronic devices. But before you make the choice to change to an electronic cigarette, where you aware, that the changes begin instantly?

Below is a timeline that will give you information on what happens inside your body when changing from smoking onto vaping:

8 Hours

8 hours from your last cigarette, your body already starts to improve. In fact, in the first 8 hours, you will start to experience noticeable effects of giving up smoking. The first thing that happens is that the oxygen levels inside your blood will start to go back to a normal level, even when you have already started vaping.

This is because vapour that is produced by the electronic cigarettes are free from carbon monoxide that is present in tobacco-cigarette. This offers your body with a way to start detoxifying from carbon monoxide that you use to inhale, which means you can enjoy the benefits of higher oxygen levels inside your blood, which translates into feeling better in a variety of other ways.

24 Hours

One day after you have stopped smoking and started vaping, your body has rid itself of any residual levels of carbon monoxide which was once present inside your system. By now your lungs will start to detoxify as they start to work on removing the toxic mucus and debris that has accumulated when you were still smoking.

These processes occur as you are no longer taking in these toxins and adding to what was already present in your lungs and body. You are now giving your body the chance to start cleaning and healing itself. This is also possible as the vapours produced from our electronic devices are free from toxins present in the smoke from traditional cigarettes.

48 Hours

After 2 days, your body will carry on thanking you for making the decision to change to vaping as well as finally kicking your habit for cigarette smoking. By now your taste will start to improve, so drinks and food will start to be more enjoyable. In addition, your smell will also improve, and you may start to notice more and more fragrances that you have been missing out on when you were still a smoker.

This occurs because the body naturally starts to repair receptors in the nose and the mouth that were damaged from toxins present in the tobacco cigarettes that you used to smoke.

72 Hours

After experiencing all these improvements in just 48 hours, it should not be surprising that within 3 days your body will continue to get stronger. Most people that have made the switch to electronic cigarettes typically notice by day 3, that their breathing has started to show significant improvements.

Your breathing by now should be easier when compared to when you still smoked as you have stopped exposing your lungs to tar that was once irritating and clogging the bronchial tubes. As the tubes start to relax and as they clear, previous smokers start to notice that their breathing is easier, and their energy levels start to increase.

3 To 9 Months

If you manage to quit smoking cigarettes and you stick with vaping for the next 3 to 9 months, you will start to notice that shallow breathing, coughing and wheezing should have significantly reduced or even gone away.

You will experience these important changes because your lung functions have improved, and your body has now naturally cleared away dangerous debris which built-up while you were a smoker.

5 Years

Now it is time to look over the long-term affects you can expect when you stop smoking. Within 5 years, the risks associated with heart attacks would have reduced by as much as half. If you are still vaping at this time, you also don’t need to worry about the vapour produced by the electronic cigarettes as they won’t cause any damages to the heart cells.

10 Years

Within 10 years the risks associated with lung cancer will reduce by half of what it would have been if you continued to smoke. This is again because the electronic devices are free from carcinogens that are present in tobacco cigarettes. By now your risks of a heart attack is also reduced to about the same as people who have never smoked. If you continue using e-liquid that contains nicotine, the effects of this form of nicotine on your heart can be compared to those associated with caffeine.
Keep it Up
The longer that you are able to stay away from tobacco cigarettes, you will start to notice even more health improvements. You will start to feel better overall and the risks you used to have for various illnesses will also start to dramatically reduce. In addition, the people that are always around you will also not be exposed to harmful effects produced by cigarette smoke.

**This is a guest post**

3 thoughts on “What You Can Expect When You Stop Smoking And Start Vaping

  1. Yes 😁😁😁. I stopped cold turkey last year but the one I didn’t expect, which was my biggest problem, was that my brain went away 😳 So after a week I started vaping. Omg so much better! My brain came back online fairly well after that πŸ‘πŸ‘. And no, vaping is not horrid for you if you 1) *use nontoxic coils* (!!), 2) change the coil every 1-2 weeks, and 3) pay attention to what your vape juice is made of 😘. Thank you so much for this post πŸŒˆπŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸŒˆ

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