Dream wedding photography tips.

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When you think about planning your wedding you want it to be amazing because of how special it is for you and your partner.

One area to consider is photography as it is one thing that can hold special memories from the big day.

Something that most people don’t think about when it comes to wedding photography is sharing guest photos that have been taken of the day.  One way to share the photos with everyone is an app that allows everyone to connect and come together. Check out wedding photo sharing comes up with an ingenious way to share your images with others. It is an app that allows a live feed so that guests can instantly put the photos on to the app and is accessible for everyone. With the app, you can invite the guests from the wedding invitations making it less stressful for the big day. The app is also available for Android and app stores. I think using a photo share app is a great way to not have to worry about losing photos or if people delete them as they have instant access and then you don’t worry about losing precious photo memories.



I think if you are doing your own photography making sure that you are prepared beforehand is so important. Preparation is key, so consider things like having a tripod so that the camera is secure and photos are crisper without getting shaky. If a tripod is not your thing then definitely make sure that there is a strap so that your camera is safe and not run the risk of breaking the camera.

Something that is so blatantly obvious but with all the other things you need to prepare and remember the big day you may forget. My biggest tip is to make sure the camera battery is charged. Another thing is to have an extra battery so that you are safe and not suddenly have the camera die on you when you may have a beautiful moment you want to capture. I like to follow a motto, it is better to be safe than sorry.

A brilliant tip for taking wedding photos is to make sure that there is more than one person taking the photos, as it gives a more diverse range of shots.

When taking photos don’t just take them of the bride and groom but look at all the other elements that are happening in the area. A good suggestion would be to take snaps of guest reactions because a picture can tell a thousand stories.

I personally would suggest planning beforehand how you are going to do the main bulk of photography.  Obviously, the plan does not have to be set in stone but if you get the main shoots that are important for the groom and bride, say for instance a shot of the hands after the rings have been placed would make a beautiful shoot. If you have an idea beforehand of where you want to go with taking photos then you don’t have to panic as you know what you kinda looking for. Therefore making it less stressful and you can feel more comfortable in the role of the photographer.

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This is a sponsored post with Wedding Photo Swap. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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