Age is a wonderful thing 

Hey readers,

People knock being old, for fear mainly. However, age happens to everyone. So, let’s celebrate it because it can be wonderful for many reasons and here is why.

With age, you become more confident because you have lived on this planet longer and you know what the crack is. You know most people in front and you learn to not give a s**t in some respects. You change and you learn to grow into a different person, with different needs. With age you slowly don’t give a monkey’s about peer pressure, you can wear what you want, listen to what you want and it doesn’t matter who you know because you can do your own thing.

Now that I have become older I care less about materialistic things that were much more important when I was younger. Not because of money more the fact I put more meaning on to them.

You are wiser with age and have learnt more so you have that experience. Which comes in handy sometimes as we all know knowledge is power.

I think we age certainly with myself I am less likely to judge. I am much more understanding and flexible with my thinking, understanding that people are different.

Let’s celebrate wrinkles as a positive because they indicate that we have lived, experienced and still here to tell the tale. If we stopped worrying so much about looking younger then the messages would slowly stop with trying to get us to buy wrinkle what not because it wouldn’t be working because no one would buy their products.

I like the fact I can get to see my children grow as I get older. I don’t fear it or get sad but happy and feel blessed that they are alive. As so many parents don’t get this opportunity.

What reasons do you have to why ageing is good?

Cheers for reading X

31 thoughts on “Age is a wonderful thing 

  1. With age comes wisdom. 34 year old me may not be any more academically advanced than 16 year old me, but she definitely has more experience and pearls of wisdom to share 🙂 #coolmumsclub

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      1. They have a wealth of knowledge. Can you imagine living through the depression, the cold war and then seeing this room size computer now fit in the palm of your hand? It is amazing. I love older people


  2. I’m 46 and my husband 60, we’re now at the age where we realise we won’t be working forever and need to ensure we have enough savings now for our future, but need to get the balance right between enjoying life as well as saving #pocolo


  3. Hi, for me I love the confidence that comes with getting older and I totally agree with you about the wrinkles. The scariest looking people around are the ones who are older but have had their wrinkles ‘eliminated’. They may be fooling themselves, but not us!




  4. I used to fear aging until I turned 40 and realized that even though I’ve learned so much and grown so much as a person, I’m still me. That’s the best part for me. I have become so much more confident in who I am and learned so much about life yet I am still the person I’ve always been, at my core. I have just finally gained love for myself and that’s such a beautiful thing because now I see so much potential with my life, whereas before I saw none. Great Post! #CoolMumClub


  5. Love this. I still marvel at the Hubby’s Nan, who is 85, and still going strong. She makes me laugh whenever we visit and think she is a wonderful woman. We should totally not fear growing old. 🙂
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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