How to Be a Better Manager at office?

You knew it was coming! You have worked hard all these years and deserved this promotion. Maybe, you are dreaming sweet dreams about your new assignment, and getting excited thinking about the perks and future possibilities. After all, you knew this organization for the past so many years, and have the right to be confident about your added responsibilities. However, is it so in reality? No, it is not. This is because there is much difference to be an office manager.

In most of the cases, good employees get the promotion to office managers. They get the lift because they were good. In such cases, the major problem is that the qualities required for a good manager have not given due consideration. Majority of these people are unaware of the role, responsibilities, and skills required for being a good office manager. They suddenly feel that there is none to consult or train them up and this is why such promotion from office employee to office manager to them is like jumping from the frying pan and entering the fire.

The position of the office manager is unique, and it demands certain skills. Their job includes many activities including the effective running of the office, providing support, and leading the team for growth and success of the company. Here are some tips on how to be a better office manager.

1. Try to be a motivator

As the office manager, you have to work with human elements, and they have to be handled delicately. Motivating the people is very important as only the motivated employees can increase the productivity for attaining the business goal. To face this challenge, you must set clear goals and listen to the opinion of the others about the plan. You must also praise the employees, and encourage them to do work hard for achieving the company objective.

2. Build a team first

Only motivation cannot bring in success. The employees have to work together for attaining the common objective. You must explain to the team members what their role in the team is, and how important is that for achieving the group’s goal. Also, empower the group to do certain things within a fixed deadline.

3. Lead by training

Even after motivating people and building teams, success may still be elusive. Nothing will come out of these actions until and unless you provide the right leadership. This is the ability that all successful managers have. To be a successful leader, you must know your team members well, provide them equal training and help them as and when needed.

4. Learn to listen

Listening is an art, and as the office manager, you must listen more than you talk. Never try to think the ways on how to reply while someone else is talking. As a manager, you should try to focus on the key points covered. This will help you to resolve the issues in the best possible manner, and attain the common objective.
5. Improve communication skills
Ability to communicate effectively with the team members and the management is essential for the managers. As a manager, you must learn to make effective queries and be able to clarify everything. To improve your communication skill, you must listen intently, and also mind the body language. All your non-verbal communications have to be brief and specific to the point. Moreover, you must remember that sometimes it is better to speak over the phone than writing notes. You should also explain the policy of the organization clearly among the team members.

6. Always maintain a positive attitude

As a manager, you are sure to confront difficult situations. This is a part of your responsibility. Mind, a simple simile or humor can diffuse such situations. Try to avoid blaming individuals, and focus on the deviations for setting a right tone in the team. When you do this, your colleagues will rely on you and deliver their best.

7. You should be innovative

As the office manager, you must be out-and-out innovative, especially when it comes to problem-solving. Never get frustrated with challenges and situations that apparently seem to be out of your control. Remember that the solution to all problems lies in the problem itself. Look at the problem from different angles to find the best-suited solution.

8. Should be able to do multitasking

As the office manager, you are sure to be responsible for several projects at a time. You may have to attend an irate customer, crack a business deal, settle some official dispute and also have to plan for the coming week on the same day. You should learn to live in the moment and pay attention to the details.

9. Must be flexible

Flexibility is the most vital quality of the successful office managers. As one rolls with the punches in the boxing ring, you should also be flexible enough to accept whatever comes in your way and learn to overcome that ultimately.

10. Improve the office environment

As a manager, you are also responsible for creating an office environment that is conducive to increased productivity. This can be done by including greens in the office. People have a natural affinity to the greens, and the employees will do their jobs best when they are near nature. Including the artificial trees and plants in the office lets the people have the feeling of green elements, and automatically boost up their morale.

The faux landscaping elements have passed through many evolutions over the years, and now these are professionally made using the best quality plastic foliage and color pigment to make them 100% botanically correct and none can distinguish them from the live versions visually. These are available in large varieties and can also be customized to suit any space requirement. Being UV and fire resistant, these do not fade and do not help spread the fire. These have no maintenance demand and can be installed easily anywhere you like. Being season independent, they enliven the office space around the year.

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