25 things to do when bored

Hey readers,

Sometimes life can be boring and we need something to get us excited and motivated again. Hence why below I have come up with 25 fun activities to do which will entertain you when you so desperately need, enjoy!


Cook a meal.

Try a new recipe.

Read a book.

Visit your local library.

Go for a walk.

Run a bath.

Drink a cup of tea.

Colour in.

Image result for colouring in book swear

Write a letter.

Do a blog post.

Take photos.

Stroke a pet.

Paint your nails.

Reorganise your drawers.



Catch on your programmes.

Pin on Pinterest.

Image result for pinterest

Play a game.

Image result for cards against humanity online

Cut yourΒ nails.





Cheers for reading X

41 thoughts on “25 things to do when bored

  1. I’m not sure when was the last time I was bored in the past 4 years (my eldest just turned 4), but I think it’s not a bad thing! Very relaxing and if you can do any of these and have some fun, that’s fab! #fabfridaypost

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  2. Such a good list – like I said on twitter I rarely get bored but sometimes when I’m with the kids I need to ‘switch it up’ a little – colouring, reading, exercise, going for a walk and a trip to the library do always work for us. I’d love to SLEEP more. #thesatsesh xx

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