5 Myths You May Have Heard About Laminate Flooring

Flooring is an important part of a house and requires a lot of thought to work out well. A bad flooring job can cost you a lot of money, and time that will go into repairing it. Laminate flooring, though quite common, does have a lot of myths associated with it – a reason why most people shy away from it.

The Top 5 Myths You May Have Heard Of

Do you believe in some of these myths too which has been keeping you away from going in for laminate flooring?

Here are the 5 top most myths you must have heard about laminate flooring debunked.


  • It Only Imitates Hardwood Flooring


Many people associate laminate flooring with the cheaper and low-quality vinyl and linoleum flooring – which means they often end up looking for alternatives.

However, laminate flooring has come a long way in the past few years and is composed of several layers of a hard wax core with a protective layer on top. This makes it as a feeling as hardwood flooring, and it can also imitate different kinds of flooring.

  1. It is Noisy to Walk On

Hardwood floors are known for absorbing all kinds of noise very well. Laminate flooring, however, does not do as well on that front. But the sound produced while walking on a laminate floor is as loud as that of walking on marble or tiles. Therefore, if you are open to the noise made by marble or tiles floor, laminate flooring is no different.

  1. It is Toxic for the Kitchen

It is said that the toxins in the laminate can react with the food you cooking or eating in the kitchen and affect your health. But the reality could not be further from this.

There is a protective covering on top of the laminate which is done during the manufacturing itself. This protects you from all kind of toxins that may be under it. The stain on wood flooring can possibly trigger the allergies of some, but the cakes are not the same as laminate flooring.

  1. It can Be Easily Damaged

Laminate flooring is not considered as reliable as the hardwood one and is said to get damaged easily. A laminate is made out of 4 layers which consists of a base layer, a hard wax core, a reinforcement layer, and a protective covering.

All of these layers make laminate flooring a very sturdy one which does not get damaged easily. If damaged, laminate flooring can be easily repaired with wax pencil or reinforcement. If the damage is severe, it can be replaced with a new plank.

  1. It is Challenging to Clean

Another myth about laminate flooring is that it’s very difficult to clean. Laminate flooring is, in fact, easier to clean as compared to hardwood flooring or tiles. The floor is only designed to look like hardwood or different surface but isn’t actually same in nature.

It doesn’t require a hefty service with a wet mop to be shined or cleaned. All laminate flooring needs are vacuuming and mopping with a sponge to look perfect. If you are looking for the right laminate flooring provider, check out Dallas Flooring Warehouse in Granbury TX.

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