Why you should try counselling

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As a person with mental problems, I know the importance of therapy. I have done counselling before. I have found it very beneficial to speak to someone confidentially that I have no emotional connection with.

Why you should consider counselling?

Firstly, it is confidential and as they are professional then they are not emotionally attached to you, making it much easier to be open without fear of judgement.

Knowing that a counseller is experienced in mental health, means that they understand how the mind works enabling you to feel that you are not being a fool but being heard.

It allows that time you have a counsellor to be your space to open up knowing that it is a safe place where you can open up. It gives you that time once a week to focus on yourself uninterrupted therapy allows you to be, you don’t always have to talk but being present can do wonders for your mental health.

Therapy is great if you are feeling alone and isolated, it allows you to talk and feel that actually, you are not alone. There are loads of people who go to therapy and have helped them to deal with the emotional baggage that is holding you back.

Counselling over time gives you back the control to deal with your mental health which will then have a positive impact on your overall life such as sleeping and relationships with other.

Going to a therapist and talking through your concerns and worries can give you better insight into understanding the way you behave. It can be a chance to spot the negative cycles of behaviour and work towards changing the bad habits into positive responses or actions.

Also, sometimes if it can be hard to talk to your partner and having a person who is neutral can help. Couple counselling can be beneficial to help understand each other’s point, I have in the past found it beneficial for me and my husband gave us time to understand one another with the support there. To find out more about coupling counselling do check out https://www/regain.us  for more information.

Here is a good read of an article discussing things counselling.

Have you found counselling helpful?

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Hey readers,

my word of the week is:

because it is the last week of term and I am knackered. I always am but have to say I am a wingy cow, haha!

My eldest did me proud, we have always struggled with homework. He protests every time he hates homework. I encouraged him to do a bit and remind him that once it is done that he then has the rest of the night to play.

Well, he did his homework and then decided he wanted to do all of it. I told him he could do it tomorrow but he was having none of it and wanted to complete it there and then.

Another big achievement for him is he made up all the sentences by himself with no prompt. Now, this may seem like nothing but this child struggles with abstract and thinking ideas without prompts. So, when he did do sentences I was pretty proud of him as I know this is a big challenge for him.

hope you have lovely Easter.

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Dress lust list 2018

Hey readers,

Just because I am fat does not mean I am not entitled to wear dresses. There’s so much choice at the moment on the market for dresses for plus size people which makes me super duper happy. I selected a few of my favorite recent dresses that I have been listing over perfect for the spring season.

1) First, I have chosen this beautiful, bright and cheerful striped shirt dress from Matalan for £16.00.

2) Can’t help but go dotty for this tunic top from Evans and it also has three-quarter sleeves which gets me excited as it makes it much easy to do the washing up. I know I need it to get a frigging life, haha. (£20.80).

3) I love this bright and bold print on this dress from 
Simply Be 

I am loving this black and white gingham dress from Boohoo for £18.00, which is a cracking bargain!


Sometimes, you just want a bit of simplicity with what you are wearing. Look no further as I have the answer with this navy swing dress with pockets form Yours clothing  (£21.99).

I hope you feel spired.

Cheers for reading X

How to Be a Better Manager at office?

You knew it was coming! You have worked hard all these years and deserved this promotion. Maybe, you are dreaming sweet dreams about your new assignment, and getting excited thinking about the perks and future possibilities. After all, you knew this organization for the past so many years, and have the right to be confident about your added responsibilities. However, is it so in reality? No, it is not. This is because there is much difference to be an office manager.

In most of the cases, good employees get the promotion to office managers. They get the lift because they were good. In such cases, the major problem is that the qualities required for a good manager have not given due consideration. Majority of these people are unaware of the role, responsibilities, and skills required for being a good office manager. They suddenly feel that there is none to consult or train them up and this is why such promotion from office employee to office manager to them is like jumping from the frying pan and entering the fire.

The position of the office manager is unique, and it demands certain skills. Their job includes many activities including the effective running of the office, providing support, and leading the team for growth and success of the company. Here are some tips on how to be a better office manager.

1. Try to be a motivator

As the office manager, you have to work with human elements, and they have to be handled delicately. Motivating the people is very important as only the motivated employees can increase the productivity for attaining the business goal. To face this challenge, you must set clear goals and listen to the opinion of the others about the plan. You must also praise the employees, and encourage them to do work hard for achieving the company objective.

2. Build a team first

Only motivation cannot bring in success. The employees have to work together for attaining the common objective. You must explain to the team members what their role in the team is, and how important is that for achieving the group’s goal. Also, empower the group to do certain things within a fixed deadline.

3. Lead by training

Even after motivating people and building teams, success may still be elusive. Nothing will come out of these actions until and unless you provide the right leadership. This is the ability that all successful managers have. To be a successful leader, you must know your team members well, provide them equal training and help them as and when needed.

4. Learn to listen

Listening is an art, and as the office manager, you must listen more than you talk. Never try to think the ways on how to reply while someone else is talking. As a manager, you should try to focus on the key points covered. This will help you to resolve the issues in the best possible manner, and attain the common objective.
5. Improve communication skills
Ability to communicate effectively with the team members and the management is essential for the managers. As a manager, you must learn to make effective queries and be able to clarify everything. To improve your communication skill, you must listen intently, and also mind the body language. All your non-verbal communications have to be brief and specific to the point. Moreover, you must remember that sometimes it is better to speak over the phone than writing notes. You should also explain the policy of the organization clearly among the team members.

6. Always maintain a positive attitude

As a manager, you are sure to confront difficult situations. This is a part of your responsibility. Mind, a simple simile or humor can diffuse such situations. Try to avoid blaming individuals, and focus on the deviations for setting a right tone in the team. When you do this, your colleagues will rely on you and deliver their best.

7. You should be innovative

As the office manager, you must be out-and-out innovative, especially when it comes to problem-solving. Never get frustrated with challenges and situations that apparently seem to be out of your control. Remember that the solution to all problems lies in the problem itself. Look at the problem from different angles to find the best-suited solution.

8. Should be able to do multitasking

As the office manager, you are sure to be responsible for several projects at a time. You may have to attend an irate customer, crack a business deal, settle some official dispute and also have to plan for the coming week on the same day. You should learn to live in the moment and pay attention to the details.

9. Must be flexible

Flexibility is the most vital quality of the successful office managers. As one rolls with the punches in the boxing ring, you should also be flexible enough to accept whatever comes in your way and learn to overcome that ultimately.

10. Improve the office environment

As a manager, you are also responsible for creating an office environment that is conducive to increased productivity. This can be done by including greens in the office. People have a natural affinity to the greens, and the employees will do their jobs best when they are near nature. Including the artificial trees and plants in the office lets the people have the feeling of green elements, and automatically boost up their morale.

The faux landscaping elements have passed through many evolutions over the years, and now these are professionally made using the best quality plastic foliage and color pigment to make them 100% botanically correct and none can distinguish them from the live versions visually. These are available in large varieties and can also be customized to suit any space requirement. Being UV and fire resistant, these do not fade and do not help spread the fire. These have no maintenance demand and can be installed easily anywhere you like. Being season independent, they enliven the office space around the year.

Save some pennies

Hey readers,

Let me tell you something I like to save some pennies where I can. There is a lot of useful information on a website called Gratisfaction where you can find deals or free samples.

Gratisfaction is a wonderful place on the internet where it gives current deals, freebies vouchers and samples. I like anything where all the information is in one place so I don’t have to hunt left, right and centre.

There are many difficult types of products displayed on the site including makeup, children products, food and homeware, what is not to love.

Here are some of the types of items advertised on the site.


Who doesn’t like free ice-cream, well now you can get your hands on some Tesco own brand cookie dough ice cream. All you have to is sign up to the home testing club to get a chance to test out products, result! Yes, I too have signed up to this as well, so fingers crossed because I too love a freebie!

What a beaut of a freebie this is, a Thorntons chocolate egg just in time for Easter. To qualify all you need to be is on 02 to get it off the app.

Image result for FREE Wild Caviar Day Moisturiser

Next on the list is a code given on the site to get a free Cougar Wild Caviar day moisturiser but you do have to pay for the postage. It normally worth £18.99.

So as you can see some cracking bargains and definitely if you like the latest deals on offer then do check out Gratisfaction.

Have you found any good deals online, I would love to hear all about them?

Cheers for reading X

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Looking for cheap transport?

Hey readers,

Travelling can be expensive business whether that be using or car or even public transport. A better way to travel and save costs is cycling, not only that but your doing exercise as well kills two birds with one stone.

To cut down costs even more instead of a good way to do research beforehand on deals before heading straight in and flashing the cash.

If you are browsing the internet a good place to explore is www.bike-discounts.co.uk.

Bike-discounts is a great site to check out the latest deals on bikes. Did you know that the site does not only cover bikes but also bike accessories from the top leading brands, such as Go Outdoors and Halfords.

Eastway Emitter R3 (105) Road Bike   Road Bikes

The site searches for the latest deals for bikes and accessories so you don’t have to do the hard work.

There is the option to do a search for specifics on the site such lights for bikes so you can save time in gathering the relevant items rather than scrolling through.

On the site, there are also discount codes you can get to use on an order.

Alternatively, if you just want to browse the latest deals then there is a section just for the hottest deals, to help give you some inspiration if you need it.

I hope you found this information and love to know if you have used the site and if you had any successful money-saving purchases.

Cheers for reading X

This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Easter cornflake cakes

Hey readers,

Looking to do something with a young child over the Easter holidays then you need to check out this simple recipe.


50g of butter

100g of milk or dark chocolate

100g cornflakes

3tbsp of golden syrup

Mini eggs (for decoration)

Cupcake cases (my Easter themed ones come from Poundland and they have decorative pictures on a stick that can stick in the cake).


1) Measure out the ingredients.

2) Melt the butter and chocolate, one at a time in the microwave.

3) In a bowl place the corn flakes, add the golden syrup, chocolate and butter. Mix all together so the cornflakes get all covered in chocolate mix.

4) Pour the mix into cupcake holders (o got my Easter themed ones from Poundland). Stick the decorative sticks in if you have some.

5) Place a couple of mini eggs in the middle.

6) Place the cakes on a tray and put them in the fridge for a good couple of hours or until set.

7) Voila there you easter cakes.


Cheers for reading X