Cash Lady giving a helping hand.

Hey readers,

Life can be hard especially in January with limited money in your bank accounts. Bills need paying, endless money needs to be paid to your children’s school for lessons, trips and God know’s what else. Food needs to be sorted and I know as I am a person who is currently struggling with financial issues and I can tell you it can be bloody hard work. The stress and anxiety can have an impact on your home life, money can be viewed as materialistic but for simple things like milk for your child’s breakfast cereal, washing powder to clean your clothes etc then really it is about survival.

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One solution to finding a quick income when you desperately need is Cash Lady. A short-term loan company who cares about their customers’ needs – they focus on the right plan for you and your needs. They are award-winning loans ranging from £100 to £1000.  Cash for Lady is focused on 100% security and you can apply for a loan online for free and be knowing that the company is FCA authorised. You can apply for short term loan online really quickly as it is accessible 24/7 and they do not charge for making an application.

Another issue with regarding loans is bad credit loans where the chances of you getting a loan are slim because you have previously failed to keep up agreed payments with you and a company such as overdraft form a bank like Nationwide or a mobile phone contract such as Carphonewarehouse resulting in giving you a marker as such for money loaners to be cautious. However, Cash for Lady does work with individuals who have bad credit. When applying you’ll request an amount over a set period, on top of which interest will be charged.  If you stick to the plan and pay the money you then are granted a positive marker is left on your credit file.

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