Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

because I received the letter from the DWP for a reconsideration answer for a request to look at my application again for disability benefit.

The answer was no and scored zero again. I even included a letter of support from my old CPN but it appears that they have sent out the letter two days before receiving my letter, I just don’t know I bother.

It is headache that I don’t really need and it’s making me feel crap. This is how it is now we have to fight for an appeal. my anxiety goes through the roof and I just don’t feel good knowing that I have to wait for the whole appeal process to happen which could take months.

This seems to be making my mental health worse, it just makes me so angry as I have worked so hard over the past couple of years to make small but big improvements.

I suppose I have to remind myself I am not alone and other people also have to fight. I just feel angry at the system which is meant to help the I’ll and disabled. but they have just let most of us down big time.

Cheers for reading X


21 thoughts on “Pain 

  1. So sorry to hear this. The DWP is awful. All the heart families I know have to fight to get DLA and nearly all of them end up going to appeal too. It is terrible the hoops you have to jump through for something you are entitled to. I often wonder if they just automatically refuse everyone at first. It’s a terrible system. Sending you virtual hugs and wishing you lots of luck with the appeal x #WotW

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    1. Thanks – here is the thing some people get it some don’t. Depends on the assessor, it absolutely sucks for most people, who really do not this hassle in the life as they have enough in their lives to sort out X


  2. Sending hugs! How upsetting for you.
    The system really sucks! It’s so wrong that those, like you who need the help don’t get it! x


  3. I can totally relate to this. I am fleeing my husband and I can rent privately but because universal credit I cant really get out of the house that we share because it takes too long for universal credit to be processed I will have months that I dont have any money. Because of not being able to have the financial help me and my son still needs to stay in the house with my husband =(

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  4. It’s a total sham and I really feel for you. I managed to get it for my autistic son but only after going to tribunal. Mental health is so much harder to claim for but it’s worth getting help and going for it. My son is quite severely autistic but because he’s verbal he’s counted as high functioning which makes it so much more difficult. He’s not entitled to any other benefits because he can’t work so the PIP is his only income. Try not to let it get you down, everyone is basically in the same boat, they are just trying to weed out the scammers of the system but at the same time hurting those that need it so bad 😦

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