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My word of the week is:

because it is the new year, shiny and sparkly 2018! Happy new year to all my readers, let’s have a good one or just a week to get over the b***s**t!

I received as a present four tickets for me, hubby and the boys to go to the panatomine. Now, I haven’t been  before for a couple of reasons. 1. it is bloody expensive and 2. the times I thought about it was with my eldest but there was no way in hell he would spend ten minutes sitting down. He would be a nightmare and potentially run around everywhere.

So, this year we went to our local theatre and watched Cinderella (in all honesty I am envious that my mum who got me the tickets opted for herself tickets to see madness. I think she had the better deal of getting to seeing Madness tribute act. Which I am pretty sure both my kids would of enjoyed, lol).

Anyway, the boys still loved it as it was entertaining for them. Here is the thing that annoyed me when viewing the performance,  considering that it appeared that most of the audience was a younger then say 10 they said, ‘smash your face in’ and ‘stupid’ which I am not sure whether it was really appropriate, maybe it is, I don’t know. But for me I felt a bit uncomfortable that one of the actors said it to a six year old, now I have a six year old and lucky it wasn’t him because I  would not of been happy at all. Still, it was an experience and something different especially after the christmas climax.

Cheers for reading X


20 thoughts on “New

  1. Happy new year ! Sorry to hear your panto experience was disappointing, stupid is definitely not a word I would use aimed towards a 6 year old or anyone else come to think of it x #WotW

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  2. Happy New Year. I haven’t been to a panto in years but I think I’d be shocked if they used language like that to a six year old. A Madness tribute act sounds loads of fun, sorry you missed out on that. I hope you have a really great year ahead of you. xx

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  3. We went to a Pantomime this year for the first time as a family. Not sure pantos have moved on much with social convention. My teens spent the journey home discussing the sexism and weak female roles, and what a bad example it was to all the young children. Although I was impressed that they did have an adapted performance scheduled for “disabled people and people on the autistic spectrum”, so not completely behind the times. #wotw

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  4. We’ve never taken our little one, well 4 year old, to the pantomime yet but in previous years when I’ve been there definitely seems to be more ‘adult humour’ entwined when really and truthfully you do largely think of pantos being for kids. Odd. Sorry to hear of that experience.

    New is a great word for the first week of the year – mine is pretty similar actually; anew. I hope you have a lovely first weekend of the new year.

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  5. I haven’t been to the Panto in years but Madam’s school went to the local one and she loved it. Not sure about the terms the performers used at the on you went to though.. glad you kids enjoyed it all the same 🙂

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