What Ruined Christmas for You This Year?

Bad Christmas? Feeling depressed? Upset that things didn’t go as planned? Don’t worry–you wouldn’t be alone. Everyone experiences a bad Christmas now and then, but that’s totally fine. Not every Christmas has to be perfect, but it’s still important that you find out why you had such a miserable time so that you can fix it for next year. Take this as a failure to learn from and read these tips to give you some ideas.

  1. Save money next Christmas so you don’t need to compromise on decorations, presents or other expenses.
  2. Don’t invite annoying or disruptive people to your Christmas party or dinner if you can avoid it.
  3. And if you can’t avoid it, learn to put up with them. Maybe you could speak with them to calm them down a bit, or perhaps you could ask a friend or family member to watch over them.
  4. Never leave your Christmas cards and presents at the last moment. Even if you’re just gifting chocolates and sweets, wrapping gifts, writing cards and putting on a good presentation can take longer than you’d think!
  5. If you’re going to hand-make gifts like cards or little trinkets, get some practice in so they don’t end up looking like a child’s art project and give yourself plenty of time to make them look stunning.
  6. Control or limit the alcohol if you want to have a stable and stress-free morning after. It’s fine to get a little rowdy, just keep in mind the work you have to put in the next day to clean things up.
  7. Entertainment is always important. If you’re inviting guests over, you need to have some fun things lined up. Be it a board game, fireworks or even a Christmas film, keep them entertained and engaged so they aren’t sat around on their mobile phones.

    Graphic from Sunny


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