The disgusting habits of children

Hey readers,

**Warning don’t read this if you are eating.**

You know how  social media has a fetish for making childhood look perfect. Well most of it is lovely however, children do have really disgusting habits and I mean DISGUSTING. Below is some of the lovely things my boys love doing!

Picking their nose and rubbing into your clothing.

waking you by screaming in your face first thing in the morning.

Wiping their runny snot all over their sleeve.

gross vomit GIF


Having a wee in the swimming pool, make sure I seal my lips when I go with them.

Drinking bath water.

Pooing in the bath.

Eating food of the floor regardless of whether it has fur or hair on it, *vom*.

gag eww GIF by Diet Cig

Forgetting to wash their hands because you know it is more important to watch GoJetters then to wash the germs of your hands.

Both my boys seem obsessed with stirring food so it resembles muddy, slope food.

wee on the toilet seat and sometimes all over the bloody floor.

My youngest has a habit at the moment where he chews food till it is all mushy and the spits it back out on to his plate. Seriously, it is disgusting, seeing it on the plate that. One day we will break this habit, until then I feel a little bit nauseous when I see his hand fast approaching his mouth.


I think I deserve this as I don’t like salvia and my youngest finds most funniest thing in the world is to lick my face because I literally hate it. He has one warped up sense of humour and wonder where he gets it from 😉

Why are children attracted to really sticky food and then if that is not bad enough having skills in getting it all over the face, fingers and hair.

Sticking their finger in their ear and then licking it after.

Cheers for reading X


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