Ways to deal with stress

Hey readers,

I am a person that gets easily stressed especially when I feel overwhelmed and have too many balls to juggle. Here are some of techniques that I have used to help reduce the feeling sof being stressed.

First one I think that is crucial is to allow time out from all the to-do lists and do something that is just simply for me to enjoy. For me, personally I love having low lights, sitting in my warm bed and reading a book. That is my idea of bliss –  total escapism!

The next tip to help with stress is something so simple but at times the hardest. I have been guilty of this, bottling things up and thinking I am strong enough. It is important to talk to someone, even if they can’t offer solutions, just knowing someone can listen can be a Hugh relief.

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I love a good list, it is so cathartic to write out what may cause the stress and if you can find ways to help reduce the stress.

We all know sleep is vital for your mental wellbeing and can help make you think clearer when you get a good night rest. One of the main things you can do to stop you getting distracted when going to sleep is to turn your phone off and leave it in another room. Less distraction and light is a fantastic way of stopping you thinking and give you change to shut down your brain and drift off to sleep naturally.

There is so many free resources online or even at your local library of mindfulness/guided walk through meditation to help train your brain to relax.

Writing a  a mood diary over a few weeks can help establish what may trigger stress and trying to put techniques in place to help reduce the feeling.

Cheers for reading X


16 thoughts on “Ways to deal with stress

  1. You are absolutely right. You must find a way to switch off. I find writing a list of everything I need to do and then setting a time for it helps too. Otherwise you are worrying about what you may forget.


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  2. Stress sucks! I had an extra busy (therefore extra stressful) week last week. I found I had to put away the computer and phone more often because it doesn’t help me unwind. So my stats are down! 😦 But I feel a lot better for it. A lot of recovery is about listening to your own body, then doing what it needs. Your suggestions are fabulous!

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  3. I love a good list too and my happy place is sat in bed watching trashy telly with no work to worry about. I also find doing exercise to be a great way for me to de-stress and have some time to myself and chill. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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