How To Keep Teeth Whiter Than Ever



Everyone wants a white & shiny Hollywood smile. People go to extreme lengths to get their teeth several shades whiter than they once were. The fact is, knowing simple ways to prevent them from staining in the first place can save a lot of trouble in the long-run. There are small things you can do consistently that will help revert your teeth back to a beautiful white.

There are plenty of great dentists for teeth whitening and a good variety of options for cosmetic dental procedures. This article will look a little closer to home first. It will start by discussing some of the best ways you can prevent stains and keep them white but let’s firstly look at what makes them lose their sheen in the first place.


Our teeth come into contact with many things during the course of one day. Tea, coffee, acids, oils – you name it! Even though enamel is the strongest thing in our bodies it does still have a limit as to how much beating it will take.

Teeth whitening is an effective treatment but looking out for these three following areas will help prevent stains from appearing in the first place:

  1. The outside: These are all of the foods and drinks you consume which cause the outer enamel of the tooth to become stained. Dark drinks such as coffee, coke and wine are big offenders as well as smoking.
  2. The inside: This means the structure of the tooth itself known as dentin which loses its white shade and can darken. This may be due to using too much fluoride from a young age or can be the side-effects of antibiotics or tooth infections.
  3. Degenerative: This is mainly age related and happens when the dentin just naturally gets yellower over time and the teeth thin as we grow older.



Stains can darken and worsen with time. Also, depending on how much plaque buildup we have, they may come across worse. It’s not the end of the world however as there are always natural remedies, practices and cosmetic treatments to correct the situation. There are also some great places for teeth whitening Brisbane has to offer.

Now we have looked at why our teeth stain, let’s see how we can prevent them from happening or worsening.

  1. Go for a professional clean at your local dentist: You’ll be surprised just how effective they are! Not only do they remove the build-up of plaque and tartar but they can polish the enamel to get rid of tough coffee or smoke stains without anything invasive taking place.
  2. Start brushing after meals: Try to get into the habit of remembering to clean teeth in a circular motion after eating main meals.
  3. Rinse after meals: Give your mouth a rinse with a simple glass of water to prevent food from building up in your teeth.
  4. Invest in electric: If you have been using the old-school toothbrush it’s time to switch to electric. You will get a thorough clean compared to a manual.
  5. Choose a good mouthwash
  6. Using baking soda: If you haven’t heard already, baking soda is a great teeth whitener. So, if you haven’t stocked up already, remember to pick some up on your next shop! Add strawberries and ground them up making a mixture with the baking soda for even more ‘umph’!
  7. Eat lots of crunchy fruits/veggies: Apples and other crunchy fruits have a good natural cleansing ability.

 Now you know some of the best tips and tricks in restoring natural whiteness, you can walk around with the most confident smile!



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