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my word of the week is:

because after the funeral I got home and I received the dreaded Brown letter from personal independence payment to find out that I have zero points and suddenly my autism seems to have vanished.

This benefit helps me with my autism manage day-to-day life and now I have to go through the hell out of appeal.

When I went through the whole stress of the face-to-face assessment, on the day we recorded it because we knew that DWP had a bad reputation for lying and putting information down that wasn’t true. Well the report low and behold this is  riddled with with lies. We think the reason I scored 0 points on everything is because she didn’t like the fact that we recorded the meeting. I am so glad we did as it is going to help a lot with evidence when I finally do the appeal.

The stress has taken its toll on myself and my husband. Now my husband is really strong minded and calm and collected with everything. I know if he breaks down that were in serious trouble, which has happened more than once this week.

So, we’re going to fight this even if it takes months you can’t give up I will kill you.

Cheers for reading X


25 thoughts on “Crap

  1. I’m so sorry to read you are going through this. This is my biggest fear for my son. I hate filling in those forms it’s soul destroying. I have no idea who will stand up for him when I’m no longer around. Fantastic idea to tape the interview. I wonder if you could have done that without them knowing. That might be against the law I suppose #WotW

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  2. It’s totally soul destroying isn’t it. I had to take my autistic son’s claim to tribunal but we won in the end, he’s nearly 30 and the money is his only income. Get plenty of help with your appeal, and don’t give up. I even had trouble with my claim. I had never claimed before but when I heard that I’d never walk again I decided to claim and was turned down after my assessment. Can you believe that it was put on the form that I could walk 20 meters without aids when I never left my wheelchair. Blatant lying. Of course I won after a mandatory reconsideration. The system is totally ridiculous, I can see that they needed to weed out those that didn’t deserve it, but it shouldn’t be done by persecuting those that do. 😦
    Good luck x

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    1. I would say this is shocking but nothing surprises anymore with the DWP, It is absloutely shocking and what makes me super angry about ‘the system’ is the fact it is the vunerable and ill that are targeted. I am so glad your son won the appeal and well done on getting it after the maduary decision. It is soul destroying, exhausting and can make you mentally and physically worse with the trauma. I will be fighting X


  3. Omg my friend today had a letter SAYING THE SAME THING!!! She is a single Mum, it’s one month before xmas and she won’t be receiving a penny from now on! I rushed round to her house she was absolutely devastated. She also got no points! I’m so sorry from the bottom of my heart that your going through this, I understand (more than most people) the effect this can have on your mental health. As my friend has had the same fight for years, it’s heart breaking. What a weird coincidence it’s happened to both of u? They really r bastards that don’t give a shit xxxxx ur so clever recording it, we’ve wanted to do that but they had signs everywhere (at the tribunal) saying it was illegal or something?! They really do lie though, every report my friend has ever had, has been riddled with lies, half truths and CRAP XXXXX

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    1. Thank you for the comment, my heart goes out to your friend. It is absolutely devastating especially just near Christmas, it really isn’t the best time is it. My mental health has been triggered, I have seeked help from Mind, is that something your friend can do as they offer support and you or herself can do a referral. She is so lucky to have such a good friend, I would kill to have a really good friend. Still, I have my husband who is my carer. But for things to help make my life more manageable such as taxis etc that has gone. They are liers and it is not illegal to record, you have to phone them in advance with Capital. If you don’t want to upset them on the day, tell them at the desk (because we believe that the result was down to the assessor pissed about it). You have to have two dictaphone to record as you can keep a recording and capital/atos can have the other. Sending love X

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      1. When she had her melt down today I could see how broken she was and how much this is destroying her, it’s making her so ill. I’m so sad your going through this too Hunni I really am. If you ever want to talk or rant about it, I’m here for you. Thank you so much for the tips I’ll pass that on to my friend, we need all the help we can get. Last time they stopped her money it took 8 months before she got it back, she was going to the food bank and everything it was terrible. Xxxx

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  4. This is terrible and something I worry about for my son who is entitled to payments for two more years, before he has to reapply. I was once told by one of Greg’s therapists that the ‘category’ higher functioning autism was going to change (obviously by someone who knows nothing). That bit of money helps him support himself a little as he couldn’t hold down a job. Good luck with your appeals and stay strong!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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  5. I am so sorry to hear this. The DWP is awful when it comes to PIP and DLA and it makes me so angry that there are so many families out there who clearly need it and have to fight so hard for it. I’m glad you recorded your meeting and hope that it will help you with the appeal process x

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