A Guide To Baby Hamper Selection 

Image by Bingkisan via Flickr

Of all the social occasions, the arrival of a new baby is perhaps the most joyful, and traditionally, mother and baby are showered with essential wipes, potions and lotions from family and friends. If you are new to the baby arrival scene, the trendy way to show your happiness is to order a baby hamper. Of course, that’s easier said than done, and for those who are new to the christening scene, here is a guide to choosing the right assortment of items to fill your hamper.

Know the Recipient – While most people will be buying items that every mother needs, you could always focus on pampering mum, and a bottle of classic French Champagne and some of her favourite cheese would be warmly welcomed. If you would like to find out more about Baby Gift Box selection of baby hampers, there are established online suppliers who have an extensive range that includes personalisation. Mum has been through quite an ordeal, and by using your knowledge regarding her preferences, you can put together a hamper that she will really appreciate.

Personalised Baby Hampers – If you would like your gift to stand out, why not go for something personalised  This doesn’t have to take up all your time either, as there are online suppliers who have an impressive list of baby hampers, and personalising the gift will give the new mother a special feeling.  Baby’s name can be sewn onto clothing, and the hamper itself can be presented with a special inscription that the sender chooses. If you would like some more reading on the topic of customising baby hampers, there is an informative blog that might give you some inspiration.

An Introduction to Parenting Hamper – The new parents might already be well supplied with wipes, lotion and baby clothing, so why not have a special hamper made up that contains essential information on parenting? This could be accompanied with a bottle of wine and some cheese, and both mum and dad can relax and learn about the joys of parenting together.

Themed Baby Hampers – It is popular to theme the baby hamper, with many Disney characters that perhaps the new parents have a connection with, and if you conduct an online search, you will have many suppliers to choose from. Buying online also means lower than retail prices, and it doesn’t take long to source the ideal gift, which will be on its way to the recipient after a secure online payment.

Of course, one can play safe and fill the hamper with items that are essential to a new mother, or one could take the time to put together something that pampers mum a little, and whatever you choose, a little personalisation goes a long way. The actual basket should also be well made, and more often than not, the new parents will keep these as souvenirs, and they can be used at other festive times in the future.


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