Things that affect me 

Hey readers,

I thought I would share some things that impares me because of having aspergers.
Here goes:

I hate vangsness with answers. I like black and white. when people give me ambiguous answers I get worried and unsure as to do socially.

I can read facial expressions to a certain degree. what I am saying is that I can do the overly obvious but misleading ones I really haven’t the foggiest. I am not too keen on abstract ideas and clear, precise information. Although, ironically I am partial to a bit of abstract art.


Tied to the above point I am continuous misinterpreting voices. particularly when it comes to pitch and I be honest at times hubby’s tone really hurts my ears. I literally shout at him or I break down in tears over nothing much, for example do you want a coffee?

I am the not the best touchy feely person. I could go without physical contact for long periods of time. As a parent at times I have to force affection. This does not mean I don’t love my child, I do love them to the moon back, I would die for them. The problem lies with the sensory aspect that interfere with the bond.

I can not handle long periods of time in peoples company. However, saying that over the years I have grown to tolerate more of people. One of the biggest challenges as a parent is dinner time and at times I have to hand over the reins to my husband as I need a break and rest. The bickering between my two boys gets so loud that it is hard for me. I hope as the boys get older I can manage it more.

Sometimes, I may appear young in my behaviour and the way I interact. I can get excited, I tic and get repetitive with words and sway for comfort. In one sense that is why I get on with my children because of my youthful behaviour, the kind of behaviour I display is laughing in unapproachable situations. The urge to respond to the situation is so high that I therefore to aid the impulse have to dig nails into my skin or bite hard my tongue until the urge goes away. In some cases results in cuts and pains in my mouth because I can’t always feel pain at the times which really doesn’t help the situation.

Another problem I have is not always choosing the right clothing for the weather conditions. So, when it is really hot I have been know to wear long sleeves, black. Alternatively, when it is cold I forget my coat or wear saddles. Which is not very practical for me. This is also a problem with being an autistic parent in choosing the right clothing for my sons. My husband has to guide me even after five years I make mistakes.

Cheers for reading X



20 thoughts on “Things that affect me 

  1. I’ve heard a lot about ADHD and autism, but not a lot about aspergers so thank you for sharing. Do either of your sons have aspergers? You’re in a unique position to be able to relate to them if they do. Your aspergers is a part of you, and because of that it should be embraced. Great that you’re raising awareness of how people cope with aspergers. #HoneybeeLinky

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    1. My eldest definitely, he is pretty much a carbon copy of me inmost things. Sadly I dealt we will get the support needed as he is so good at masking at school so won’t be years until we find out. Yes he is really good at understanding me and vice versa X

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  2. Thank you for shedding light into your life. I know a couple of people with Aspergers and they can come off as rude but it’s all part of it and I guess a stranger wont take the time to second guess that actually the person isnt rude at all!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

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  3. OH wow what an insight, I had no idea. It must be really challenging at times but its so brilliant that you are aware of all these things and know how to deal with them. Thank you for joining us at #familyfun

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  4. Oh bless you. It’s very brave of you to open up and talk about how things affect you. It sounds like you have a lot to deal with every day, and of course having sensitive reactions must be quite tiring. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the #DreamTeam and see you next week. xx

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