Hey readers,

This week my word is:


for many reasons but for starters lets indulge in a bit of self pity. It was that time of the month where my hormones were going absolutely mental and quite frankly I got a bit bat shit crazy. If I am not laughing maniacally then I am crying in the pillow or biting my husbands head off. I literally need a week alone away from any humans, the hell of being a woman!

I went to my husband’s uncle funeral and pleasantly surprised at how well my eldest coped. He really struggles with social situations and new environments. Luckily we only had to deal with a couple of meltdowns, which for him is really good.

My boys were happy as we got to explore a new playground, however, the youngest decided to jump from a high up climbing frame, even though we said no he still did it. The noise before the landing was epic mind, he is fine though and fingers crossed it might of taught him not to be blinking super man (well at least for a little while anyways, lol).

Cheers for reading X



19 thoughts on “Tough

  1. Sorry to hear your week has been tough. It’s no fun being female around that time of the month is it ! Kids have no sense of danger sometimes do they, glad to hear he’s okay after his jump. Have a lovely weekend x #WotW

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  2. It sounds like a hard week, bet you are glad its over and omg he is so lucky he didnt break anything! I so get Bat Shit Crazy hormones are bloody awful aren’t they? Have a lovely week hopefully with less stress x

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  3. So sorry that you’ve had a tough week and for the loss of your husband’s uncle. Glad to hear that your youngest didn’t injure himself with that jump and hopefully he’s learned not to do it again! Hormones are a pain too. Hope this week has been a better one x #WotW

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  4. Sorry to read it was a tough week for you. I sometimes wish I could hide in a cave for a month let alone a week! My son jumps for high places all the time, it really makes my nerves bad! #WotW Sorry I’m late

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