Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

because it has been so cold, I am literally freezing, especially at night. I have even hunted down my hot water bottle and stacked throws up on to my bed at night.
In other news sadly my husband’s uncle died and we need to attend the funeral next week.

Sadly, the school has a ridiculous system with trying to get leave for a child. It doesn’t help the matter that the teacher lies saying that it is the government who deal with it, then the local authority. Turns out it is the head teacher who decides. Get this though the head automatically declines regardless so then it is up to to the local authority anyway.

I am feeling totally frustrated, what is the point in filling a form five days before to get the leave when it means nothing anyway. So, we won’t know now whether we will be have to pay money. We also have to stay due to the fact that it is 3 hours away so that is 2 days equals £240! I know crap!

Anyways hope you have had a good week,
Cheers for reading X


18 thoughts on “Wet

  1. The school policy is rubbish, they think more about numbers than the well being of the children. I’m sorry to admit it but if my children need time off for anything other than illness then I always call in sick anyway. I bet I’m not the only one!

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    1. I would too but hubby too honest in that sense and worry if my son said smelting get in trouble. It is so silly and all about numbers as attendance effects of stead, no wonder more abd more home school if I wasn’t autistic I would.


      1. I know the rules have recently changed but when it comes to things like death and funerals – there really shouldn’t be an issue and if there is – you need to appeal against any fine but I really don’t think you’ll have a problem. X

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