Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

Because DS1 got chosen to look after the cuddly beaver all week from Scouts. So, we have been to Coombe Abbey (a beautiful park near where I live) on an adventure at the weekend to take some photos for Scouts. It was lovely to have a walk in the woods in Autumn, so many beautiful trees!

Of course at the weekend it was bonfire night and we saw so many beautiful, big fireworks. I love the colours, not so much the bang as I have sensitive ears. We had hot dogs,  I am glad we stayed at home as it was so blooming cold,  brrrr. We live up on 16th floor so  lucky to see all the fireworks. I do miss an actual bonfire, I just think they are beautiful to watch burning away, maybe one day we can when we move to a house, fingers crossed.

hope you have had a good week!

Cheers for reading X


12 thoughts on “Beaver 

  1. Hot dogs and watching fireworks from the comfort of your own home sound like the best way of watching them to me. Jessica also dislikes the bangs so we don’t go to displays. We got to see enough from our windows though with the bangs a little more muffled. Glad your son had fun taking the cuddly beaver home and you enjoyed your autumn walk. #WotW

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  2. I love watching the fireworks from inside too. I do miss the local bonfire I used to go to when I was small, it was a really big event but they stopped doing it years ago now. Love your new header it’s very nice ! Have a great weekend x #WotW

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  3. I prefer to watch fireworks from inside too. I used to love fireworks and bonfires when I was younger but after hearing about so many things going wrong I do get nervous now. I hope you had fun looking after the Beaver. x

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  4. AH, my aunt and cousin live up on the eighth floor and get great views, so yours must have been amazing! I got married at Coombe Abbey, yet we never think to take the kids there for outings, thanks for the reminder to do so! Hope you all enjoyed looking after the beaver x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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