Reasons why adulting sucks!

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Remember a time when you was younger and you dreamed of a time of being older. because it looked so glamorous. Well, now I am an adult I can tell at times it sucks and here is why.

Having to have responsibility as no one else will do it for you. Weather it be booking a doctors appointment or making sure you have a shower. Now that you are an adult no one will care for you. Having to ring up and negotiate is a big learning curve and coming with ideas of how to resolve an issue can be really tough.


One of the major downsides of being an adult is having to pay your bills and manage money correctly, yep it is the pits. You soon learn the value of the money when you live of a week of beans and rice.

When you become a fully fledged adult reality hits and boy does it hit hard. The realisation that what I am now is life.

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In some senses getting older has benefits, however, getting tireder and far moody comes with age.

I think one of the most mundane tasks as an adult is to make sure you meal plan and try to come up with creative ideas, so you don’t get bored of the same stuff is tough work. Not to mention the fact that you have to muster the energy every single day to cook, is all fun and games of the adult world.

Sometimes as an adult you have to face real life horribleness or you get stuck in a situation and the only person you can blame is yourself. You have to take the responsibility and try to make the situation better, as no one is going to do it for you now that you are an adult.

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When you come to the realisation that adulthood is overrated and you wish you could be a kid again with no responsibilities but to just have fun. I think this is a classic case of sod’s law.

One of the toughest things to do as an adult is to get out of the bed in the morning, it is the most trickiest when you either feel like a bag of poo or when it is winter when it is cold and dark.

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A Guide To Baby Hamper Selection 

Image by Bingkisan via Flickr

Of all the social occasions, the arrival of a new baby is perhaps the most joyful, and traditionally, mother and baby are showered with essential wipes, potions and lotions from family and friends. If you are new to the baby arrival scene, the trendy way to show your happiness is to order a baby hamper. Of course, that’s easier said than done, and for those who are new to the christening scene, here is a guide to choosing the right assortment of items to fill your hamper.

Know the Recipient – While most people will be buying items that every mother needs, you could always focus on pampering mum, and a bottle of classic French Champagne and some of her favourite cheese would be warmly welcomed. If you would like to find out more about Baby Gift Box selection of baby hampers, there are established online suppliers who have an extensive range that includes personalisation. Mum has been through quite an ordeal, and by using your knowledge regarding her preferences, you can put together a hamper that she will really appreciate.

Personalised Baby Hampers – If you would like your gift to stand out, why not go for something personalised  This doesn’t have to take up all your time either, as there are online suppliers who have an impressive list of baby hampers, and personalising the gift will give the new mother a special feeling.  Baby’s name can be sewn onto clothing, and the hamper itself can be presented with a special inscription that the sender chooses. If you would like some more reading on the topic of customising baby hampers, there is an informative blog that might give you some inspiration.

An Introduction to Parenting Hamper – The new parents might already be well supplied with wipes, lotion and baby clothing, so why not have a special hamper made up that contains essential information on parenting? This could be accompanied with a bottle of wine and some cheese, and both mum and dad can relax and learn about the joys of parenting together.

Themed Baby Hampers – It is popular to theme the baby hamper, with many Disney characters that perhaps the new parents have a connection with, and if you conduct an online search, you will have many suppliers to choose from. Buying online also means lower than retail prices, and it doesn’t take long to source the ideal gift, which will be on its way to the recipient after a secure online payment.

Of course, one can play safe and fill the hamper with items that are essential to a new mother, or one could take the time to put together something that pampers mum a little, and whatever you choose, a little personalisation goes a long way. The actual basket should also be well made, and more often than not, the new parents will keep these as souvenirs, and they can be used at other festive times in the future.

Ways to stop boredom eating

Hey readers,

I  be honest with you there have been times where I have eaten something simply just because I was bored. I eat my emotions regardless of what the occasion is. It is just so lovely to eat food and put in your mouth, not so good on the waist mind. Therefore, I have written some techniques that have helped combat boredom eating. It is amazing how taking a step back and exchanging your behaviour can really make a difference.

1) It is easy to instantly think that you are hungry because you are feeling light headed, I get muddled up sometimes between dehydration and hunger. I find if I am mindful of making sure that I have drank throughout the day it can also help with satisfying the hunger.

2) Instead of grabbing something to eat, distraction can help take your mind of thinking about food. It can be something as simple as organising a draw or painting your nails.

3) I always feel that it is better to sit down at the table whilst eating as it can help fill you up and less likely to cause indigestion.

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4) Taking your time to chew your food can be really beneficial. It can trick your brain that there is more food then you have, making you feel more satisfied.

5) If you can play the waiting game, say 5-10 minutes make stop you in your tracks from immediately eating food to thinking whether you really need that piece of food.

6) Now and again it is ok to simply eat something. If you refuse something all the time it may make you desperately find that item a hell of a lot more attractive, moderation is key.

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7) Try chewing gum or brushing your teeth before eating something as the smell of mint can be off putting and make you want to not eat something.

8) I have noticed that when I am super duper tired I eat more, so before you decide to tuck into something consider having a snooze to help cure them hunger needs.

Cheers for reading X

Things that affect me 

Hey readers,

I thought I would share some things that impares me because of having aspergers.
Here goes:

I hate vangsness with answers. I like black and white. when people give me ambiguous answers I get worried and unsure as to do socially.

I can read facial expressions to a certain degree. what I am saying is that I can do the overly obvious but misleading ones I really haven’t the foggiest. I am not too keen on abstract ideas and clear, precise information. Although, ironically I am partial to a bit of abstract art.


Tied to the above point I am continuous misinterpreting voices. particularly when it comes to pitch and I be honest at times hubby’s tone really hurts my ears. I literally shout at him or I break down in tears over nothing much, for example do you want a coffee?

I am the not the best touchy feely person. I could go without physical contact for long periods of time. As a parent at times I have to force affection. This does not mean I don’t love my child, I do love them to the moon back, I would die for them. The problem lies with the sensory aspect that interfere with the bond.

I can not handle long periods of time in peoples company. However, saying that over the years I have grown to tolerate more of people. One of the biggest challenges as a parent is dinner time and at times I have to hand over the reins to my husband as I need a break and rest. The bickering between my two boys gets so loud that it is hard for me. I hope as the boys get older I can manage it more.

Sometimes, I may appear young in my behaviour and the way I interact. I can get excited, I tic and get repetitive with words and sway for comfort. In one sense that is why I get on with my children because of my youthful behaviour, the kind of behaviour I display is laughing in unapproachable situations. The urge to respond to the situation is so high that I therefore to aid the impulse have to dig nails into my skin or bite hard my tongue until the urge goes away. In some cases results in cuts and pains in my mouth because I can’t always feel pain at the times which really doesn’t help the situation.

Another problem I have is not always choosing the right clothing for the weather conditions. So, when it is really hot I have been know to wear long sleeves, black. Alternatively, when it is cold I forget my coat or wear saddles. Which is not very practical for me. This is also a problem with being an autistic parent in choosing the right clothing for my sons. My husband has to guide me even after five years I make mistakes.

Cheers for reading X