50 ways to do self care

Hey readers,

Sometimes life can be stressful or we don’t look after ourselves. A way to help when life gets on top of us is practice something positive to do for ourselves to help make sure that you as a person are cared for. Below I have gathered 50 ways to do self care, the activities are a mixed bag and some are free some may require some cash. Others don’t take long compared to other activities that can take longer. Therefore, there is plenty of choice for you to choose from to help you feel good and making sure that you DO self care on yourself. It is important to look after others but ultimately you need to make sure that you as an individual are in tip top shape. Enjoy!

50 ways to do self care

1. Bath

2. Read a book

3. Go for a walk

4. Talk to someone

5. Write a blog post

6. Have a hot tea

7. Watch something funny

8. Have a shower

9. Bake

10.Paint your nails

11. Take a photo

12. Have a sleep

13. Go to bed

 14. Write a letter to someone

15. Colouring in

16. Explore nature

17. Read inspiration quotes

18. Write an action plan to a problem

19. Burn a candle

20. Have a cuddle

21. Treat yourself

22. Learn something new

23. Stretch your body

24. Dance

25. Stroke an animal

26. Drink a glass of water

27. Sort out your emails

28. Sell something on ebay

28. Clean

29. Sort out your drawers

30. declutter

31.spend an hour alone

32. Go to a coffee shop

33. Visit a art gallery

34. Choose to have a good day

35. Be spontanous

36. Listen to a meditation

38. Forgive yourself

39. Get a massage

40. Get a haircut

41. Make a playlist of your favourite tracks

42. Look at cat gifs on the internet

43. Create a mood board

44. Do nothing

45. Practice breathing

46. Binge watch a box set

47. Watch a film

48. Browse pinterest for inspiration

49. Squeeze a stress ball

50. Snuggle under a throw

Cheers for reading X


43 thoughts on “50 ways to do self care

  1. Love these ideas. When I was away on holiday the other week I realised how much I had missed reading. I never seemed to have the time before, but now I am setting aside some time, every night before bed to enjoy reading my current book of choice and I love it. Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again next week. X

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  2. Today I’ve been so run down and thought I wouldn’t make it to tea time with the boys. But out of your list I did this:

    1. Bath
    6. Have a hot tea
    12. Have a sleep
    19. Burn a candle
    26. Drink a glass of water
    27. Sort out your emails
    28. Clean
    29. Sort out your drawers
    48. Browse pinterest for inspiration
    50. Snuggle under a throw

    & I feel so much better. Soon as the boys are asleep I’m starting at number 1 again :o) x


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  3. Ooh I love this. Some great ideas. I think sometimes as parents we can feel like we are being a bit self indulgent but if you feel relaxed and revitalised surely you will be more relaxed around your kids. Cat gifs are the way forward! #thesatsesh

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  4. There are some fab suggestions here.I have actually done, go for a walk, have a hot tea and write a blog post all this morning. And I do feel much better. Sometimes it is easy to forget Self Care is easy to achieve and doesn’t need to be complicated. Thank you for joining us at #ThursdayTeam.

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  5. #thesatsesh sometimes it really is the simple things in life, i love as a mummy the word ‘hot’ with tea..lol. This post was probably cathartic to write – may your week be made up of at least 30 of these lovely moments. Thanks for joining us

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