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Today I just want to talk about the fact that I am against children doing exams in primary school. I don’t see the point of it to cause that added stress for children. I think it is unhealthy especially when tests start at the age of 7, I mean come on really we need this.

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I think schools focus too much on meeting targets for whose benefit?! Of course the government to try and see if we get children to a certain level. But this is added pressure and stress for children, they spend enough time at school to then have to go home and do more homework.

Can you actually believe now there are SATS for children aged 7, I mean come on let kids be kids. I am not surprised kids get more anxious when they are being judged on their ability. We should let kids play instead of trying to push information down their throat. I believe children learn more through play then sitting there trying to recite facts. Ok, some thrive of this don’t get me wrong but as a whole I think it is wrong to test children at such an early age.

I want my  child to have happy memories of going to primary school instead of thinking I didn’t do so very well with my tests I has to do.

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There is so much more pressure on teachers with how well they are rewarded as a direct outcome of the performance of children doing exams. Teachers are under a lot of stress and I believe that stress not only placed on teachers but also some parents.

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Since my son started school last year there is an assembly each week and each child gets a certificate for attending school, for being the best reader or for this and that. I think it is wrong because there are many other reasons why children aren’t achieving or they are ill and they can come away feeling rubbish they didn’t achieve what the other children did. My son didn’t get a reward for sports day and he was really down. Ok, competitives good but I don’t believe in social pressure to perform to a certain level.

I have however, due to my autism felt the pressure to do certain tasks like read. As there are no clear instructions I tend to try and get my child to read. There are times when he is not in a good place mentally to do this task. This type of pressure isn’t good for the parent (me) or the child (my son). It can also cause friction in the relationship at such a young age.

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  1. SATs are just assessments for teachers. 😉 In any case, society totally agrees with you; SATs for Y2 students are being phased out and will be scrapped by 2023. Not much consolation now, I’m sure, but please rest assured that SATs are not there to measure your child’s ability. Poor SAT results affect teachers, not students. #MMBC x

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  2. Seven always seems like a strange stage to be testing. When my eldest was doing them, she was totally unaware that it was happening. She’s still convinced 8 years later that she didn’t do them. From what I gather, it is totally different now, with the seven year olds knowing they are being tested. #MMBC

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  3. My girl will be doing her SATs in May…Ugh. I usually hate the idea of them but because there is pressure put on the teachers to get good results it means they have looked more closely at my girl and now she is being helped with her suspected autism. I think if the SATs weren’t coming up they wouldn’t give a stuff and let her coast through. #MMBC

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  4. I feel for the teachers, I’m pretty sure they’d prefer not to have to do SATS too. At my kids school they really play down the younger ones SATS, they just fit them into the daily routine without making a big fuss. When they get to year six they make a bigger deal of it and the kids get to learn what it’s like to have exam pressure. They try not to push too hard though and there are always rewards at the end of them…for every child, not just the big achievers. I have my reservations about school certificates for attendance too, but over the years I have seen my kids want to impress and want to go to school, they don’t feel pressure just the will to achieve which is good. However, I have also had tears when they have really been to sick to attend school and have lost their 100% attendance. This happened at the end of the last school year when they all got chicken pox, two of my three had not lost a single day off school until then 😦

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    1. I hope my boy will feel this way, I still feel play is more important. tough for them with the school certificate, I think it is a lot better thus yr as they don’t call every name out in front of everyone X


  5. SATS were introduced when I first started teaching and lots of people were surprised when the child’s results often matched a teacher’s own observations. It didn’t surprise me as a good teacher should be able to assess a child informally which takes pressure off the teacher and the child. I think that you’re right – SATS stress the teachers which in turn stresses the pupils and doesn’t make for a healthy learning environment.


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  6. I have a lot of sympathy with all yu say here, another gripe to add is that the year 6 SATS stay with them right through to their GCSE predictions for better or worse! Kids change as they develop, it shouldn’t all be based on their ability at 11. #MMBC

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  7. SATs are going and have been around for a long time. I’ve given them to children as the teacher but they haven’t always known they were being tested. Certificates are given for a variety of reasons; not everyone can get them otherwise they are pointless. I don’t agree with certificates for attendance as children should be in school anyway. #twinklytuesday

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  8. Lots of good points. I do think that there is a place for tests but in an informal way. Like another said about just doing them quietly without fuss. It’s about checking progress. But you are right about not making it a pressure on the child. Pressure doesn’t work for most at that age. I’ve just had a bad day of supply teaching in y4 and can’t believe how low ability some kids are. They get behind and then act up because they don’t understand and then they get worse and worse. Testing does help schools to get intervention for these kids. But then schools don’t have enough money and classes are too big. Oops. Mustn’t go on! Sorry. Agree on attendance certificates. There are many good reasons that children need to be off. They should only lose their attendance record if the absence is unauthorised. And I do think that parents should be able to take kids on reasonable educational term time holidays occasionally. #dreamteam

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  9. Oh I agree with you here. SATS at such a young age is just silly but if it’s done without them realising then it’s not as bad. Teachers should just be able to pass judgement and feed back! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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