Rant about PTA! 

Hey readers,

When my son started school I came across the PTA (a parenting teaching association) not to be confused my parents to avoid acrumn though very tempting!

Basically, what it means is that willing parents join this group to talk and discuss issues regarding school. They involve teachers and some parents which allows them to have a fairer and less biased view to voice opinions etc.


I have found that there is a lot of favouritism involved with parents of the PTA. The children get more mentions in assembly,  the winners of the raffle tend to be mainly the PTA parents or staff and generally it just feels like a cliché where they have the upper hand.

I kind of get irritated by the fact that they sell ice lollies or biscuits after school. I object to this because I feel that it is forced pressure for the parents to buy things, especially when you can’t get out the gate without your child clocking the stand. Then you have to deal with the constant pestering from your child to buy something. I also find the message of healthy eating that the school try to promote with external services a bit pointless when they sell junk food after school.  It does seems pointless trying to encourage healthy eating when you can’t be consist with the stuff you do within school.

I have been so skint before that I just didn’t have the cash to spare and the guilt/embarrassment of saying out loud to your child you do not have the money is just wrong.It makes you feel crap as a parent and causing conflict on the way home when no parent can be arsed to deal that. Nothing is more stressful with dealing with a argumentative child, when you have to deal with trying to get them home tired in the first place. It just means that the child is more grumpier it is double the stress, which is really not needed.

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I hate social pressure and appears that PTA feeds of this.  All they seem to do is try and make money in raffles or what not. I just don’t like the idea that money seems to be the main concern. I don’t like that fact that it is represents parents and gives some parents more control and possibly influence over teachers.

I just don’t see the point in PTAs. The goal is to get the fullest co-operation from home to school. I don’t want to know if it means stressing over money and the waste of time of having to do mind numbing boring stuff when I could be at home sat on my fat arse drinking a brew. I suppose it is ok if it is your thing but I just hate the constant pressure. I certainly wouldn’t trust PTA, they appear to have too much time on there hands and tend to make us other parents feel lower then them.  This is my experience anyway, could be totally different somewhere else.

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27 thoughts on “Rant about PTA! 

  1. I remember the PTA at my Daughters old school. I agree it is not fair doing this often as all children want to buy treats. I use to try and avoid them as I had 4 young children at school then. I could not go home with treats for one and nothing for the rest. It would work out expensive. #mmbc

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  2. Intrigued that yours is also about discussion too. Ours is all about fund raising and nothing else. I served on our PTFA (the F is for friends) committee for a year, which was enough for me. It was really hard to get other parents to volunteer and join in events, that you end up doing lots yourself. I suspect that committee members tend to win the raffle prizes, because they end up buying the most tickets out of sheer desperation. As for the playground stalls, I always (not on purpose) forget my purse, so it’s never an issue. Unless I’ve donated cakes, then I go and buy them back! (joking/not joking)

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  3. Essentially, PTAs are just there to raise money for the schools! So, you’re absolutely correct. I’m afraid, whether it’s private or state, most schools could do with a little top-up funding. However, you shouldn’t feel pressured into buying from the tuck shop everyday. I reckon it’s good for kids to learn that sometimes it’s “no” and that it’s not the end of the world. x #MMBC

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  4. I can only imagine that PTA meetings are a lot of people making things into much bigger things than they are…much like high school.
    I love to be active and involved in things, but I am not a fan of making things overly dramatic. We will see if I end up being a PTA mom. haha.

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  5. Oh, what a shame that you feel this way 😦 I know that on the one hand, our PTA has raised a lot of money for the kids (for iPads, a school playground, school trips etc) – so that is fantastic. They’ve funded all sorts, and I really am thankful for that. BUT, I completely agree that it is elitist. A couple of the mums involved just aren’t very popular at all, because they have a superiority complex. The way I’ve been spoken to by a couple of them has put me off attending a meeting – EVER – which is a shame because it shouldn’t be like that. Interesting post!

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  6. I’m the secretary of our school PTA so had to read your post! It’s a shame your PTA isn’t running well but not all are the same. Our PTA exists not because we have too much time on our hands, but because we want to raise funds for our school and have stronger linkes. When parents feel they can’t approach the school with issues they can bring them to us and we can take them up with the school. We can work with the school to arrange events like school discos which the kids are desperate for. We’re also conscious of running too many events to often and expecting parents to part wiht money. That said, since forming last December we’ve raised £6000 which will all go to the school. There are always parents who have too much time and don’t use it wisely and instead stir things up! #twinklytuesday

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  7. I must say at my daughters’ school the PTA is running well. Fundraisers are well organised. I personally have not served on these committees so can’t say how the meetings are being run. Perhaps you should bring it to the attention of the school’s management.#TwinklyTuesday

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  8. Oh my, I think selling treats like that is well out of order! We don’t have a PTA, we have coffee mornings where all parents are invited to attend and express any concerns about the school, or find out what is new. There never seems to be any fundraising at our school, in fact it’s an academy and they seem to have plenty of money to throw at the school which is great. In my kids old school, where I was a school governor, we were fighting to stop the school being made an academy but now I realise that sometimes it’s not a bad thing.

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  9. Really interested to read this point of view, and so sorry to hear that’s it’s not smooth sailing. Mine has only just started school in September so we are yet to see any of the fundraising. I’ve heard lots of great things about our one, so I wonder if it’s hit and miss. Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam x

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  10. I agree that promoting junk food probably isn’t great, but my understanding is that schools are largely running on a very tight budget, and providing new resources (especially tech which is so important for our kids) often falls to the PTA and fundraising. No-one should feel pressured to buy, though, and of course it’s always good for kids to learn the importance of “no, not today”. When we have things like this coming up at nursery, I always encourage my 3 1/2 year old to find ways to earn a few pennies (literally, coppers!) and I explain that if she has enough for a 30p cake then she can buy one. I do think that the nature of PTA’s can have the potential to turn cliquey, but these cliques exist in all walks of life unfortunately. I don’t really have a huge amount of spare time on my hands, but I certainly plan on looking into our school’s PTA when Amelia starts next September because I think it’s important to support under-funded schools as much as possible, especially if my kid’s going to benefit from it! I’m sure I’ll encounter some cliquey-ness (or just well-formed friendships) but I reckon i’ll be able to get over it. #dreamteam

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  11. We’re not at school age yet, but I hate feeling obliged into spending money like this so I can totally see where you’re coming from. Hopefully we won’t have such an experience when the littlest Lighty starts school! Thank you for linking this up with #DreamTeam.

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  12. Hi, I avoided anything PTA like the lurgy. If parents want to get involved that is fine, but it was never for me. I can understand the PTA trying to raise funds for the school, but selling tempting treats at the gate after school, that seems a little wrong.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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  13. I haven’t yet experience dthe PTA (if there even is one) at Zach’s school but buzarrely I wouldn’t say no to being involved somehow. I quite like the idea of it but wouldn’t want to be seen as an elitist! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


  14. We don’t have a PTA at our school, but many parents, like me, are on the board. I like being a part of my kid’s education, and the board is really a great way for us to do that. The PTA you describe sounds horrid! I am so very sorry! #dreamteam xoxo


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