10 reasons why Facebook sucks 

Hey readers,

I hate Facebook, don’t get me wrong Facebook has a place for instance, I like the selling pages and promoting my blog. However, there are some things on Facebook that really gets on my goat, so let me share them with.

1) the first one involves the selling pages, when you’re scrolling through what people are selling and the price is free and then you go into the description of the item and it says make an offer. To me this is misleading as you think it is one thing and it turns out it is something completely different. I would much prefer it to be free or have a price tag, know where you stand.

 frustrated fuck my life head desk bang head GIF

2) Facebook friends that promote pyramid schemes such as Younique beauty products. I don’t want you spam on my timeline with advertisement for this scheme nor do I want your request to buy a £23 mascara, enough said.

3) The need to portray a false perception of life where everything is Rose-tinted and perfect. This can make you feel crap when you’re at home and your life is nowhere near as beautiful as their false perception. I believe that this is not healthy just to constantly see the positive, you got to have the ying with the yang.

Cheezburger facebook memes social media sad but true GIF

4) When people statues are cryptic with messages about having enough or can’t coping anymore and then when someone asks why they say oh it’s nothing don’t worry about it. reeks of attention seeking behaviour so don’t bother or if you want to talk to someone in private then direct message them.

5) The constant gamers requests, I do not want to help you harvest your field in FarmVille. I will not change my mind even on the 5000th time.

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6) When you get friends request from Rita, Sue and Bob who you haven’t heard from for 20 years, suddenly decide to want to be your friends on Facebook, thank you but no keep your sticky beak out of it.

7) Over the years Facebook has changed. Facebook now appears to focus on commercial ads or sponsored content and it’s just something that’s not appealing to me. If I wanted to shop I would go and hunt for something, I don’t need any recommendations.

 facebook crying cry thailand annoying GIF

8) Now I know there is Pinterest which is the modern time waster but Facebook still has a place in this role. You can lose valuable time getting lost in random stuff.

9) The fact that Facebook app uses so much RAM and kills your battery and you need another app for Faccebook Messenger.

10) I have questions around how much power Facebook has over data and how they store in that information.

Cheers for reading X

30 thoughts on “10 reasons why Facebook sucks 

  1. I am so with you on the gaming requests!
    There is so much I hate about Facebook but your post pointed out a few things I wasn’t even aware of! The privacy is a big issue for me, especially on photos, and as a blogger I’m always torn between sharing and connecting with people, and protecting my kids’ privacy.

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  2. Yes to all of these! FB is still my favourite social media because the posts have staying power – meaning you can “share” them again, and when someone comments it’s shown to a lot of people. But man, could people stop with the cryptic posts, and all the ads – I’m not really an online shopper at all, so I’m not keen on most of it!

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  3. Oh the game requests! Seriously! Drives me mad! I’m not a big facebook user due to so much you say – I find it quite negative but I know so many bloggers have so much success with it. Maybe I just need to try harder! #StayClassy

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  4. I loved Facebook when it first appeared, but I think people are moving away from it now, partly because of all the stuff you’ve mentioned, and partly because other social media platforms are taking over. My biggest problem with facebook is that I just can’t be an anonymous blogger on there – you have to use your personal profile because a facebook page has limited interaction #triumphanttales

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  5. Yes, girl, yes! I deleted my Facebook about five years ago. Almost as liberating as taking my bra off at the end of the day. I don’t miss Karen’s daily dinner pics or Amanda’s insistence on updating her status 1388383 times a day.

    Love your blog…just followed you on twitter. #StayClassyMama

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  6. for me it has good and bad, I tend to mostly ignore the bad, and stay off Facebook a lot, but then it can be good for my business and for seeing friends and their children who I miss because they had to move away. But I hate people who are constantly negative on it, or constantly like life is too perfect. And I hate gaming requests too #StayClassyMama.

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  7. I agree with everything you’ve just said! I’m not liking Facebook since they bought Instagram as they’re now basically the same thing with regards to the algorithm etc… horrible!!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

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