Getting children out of the door

Hey readers,

Why are children super fast when they  want to be but as soon as a parent is desperate to get someone urgent they go to  slough mode!

Here are some thoughts and conversationset I have when trying to get kids ready and out the sodding door.

1) Please get ready, we need to get to school.

 please stitch lilo and stitch beg GIF

2) I hate you hubby for giving me the task of getting the boys ready, you absolute tool.

3) If I you don’t get ready then I am going to turn off the TV but at the same time promising to turn the tv on because you need to sit still because you need to do their hair.

4) If you don’t get ready I will phone your dad and you will be in serious trouble. (Let’s face it no one wants to hear your daddy yell at you, even mummy gets scared with the decibels used).

 simpsons GIF

5) When it gets close to birthday/Christmas or any special event that is important to your little darlings, it is the ultimate blackmail to get them ready and out the door promote. If parenting gets so bad it will be threatening every single day.

6) Shall I ask your teacher if you are like this at school? seems my son fears this one because he is so angelic he doesn’t want the illusion to vanish from the teachers eyes. Works a treat to kick his bottom into gear.

7) Threats about no pudding go down a treat (yes pun intended).

8) If in doubt and you desperate bribes can be used to keep your own sanity in tact. If ANYONE disagrees then they could bloody well come round at 7am and deal with the problem for me, no problem with that I tell you.

9) Stare at your child, if gives them the willies that the arguments must stop or mummy is going to lose her sh*t big time. This normally occurs when on a Friday because we all tired and about had enough of having to go through this drama for the fifth time this week.

Bachelor in Paradise season 3 episode 9 abc crying GIF

10) If your child loves school as much as mine threaten that if they don’t get dressed won’t go to school that day and do nothing all day at home. Amazing how effective that is and they comply to your need of them getting their socks on.

Cheers for reading X

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27 thoughts on “Getting children out of the door

  1. I remember when my older kids were young we would race to get dressed for school. The first one dressed and back in the living room would get a treat! It worked really well, even though I’d have to go really slow as not to win every day. My younger kids are just not interested though. My two daughters are so incredibly slow, but my son is quick because I give him 10 mins on the lap top once he’s dressed. #MMBC

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  2. Argh! I feel your pain!! I do ALL of these every.single.morning! By Friday, we’re all beyond ready for a breather. My personal faves are bribery – usually works with my lot!! #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. Hi, I don’t miss those days one bit! I hold my hands up to keep my son from school once as he wasn’t ready in time with plenty of warning, that upset him no end. It was so distressing for him I never did it again. We started getting up earlier and changed our routine until it worked for us (him). Good luck and hope things get better as the school year goes on!

    Thank you for linking with the #MMBC.


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  4. I’ve completely lost my voice at the moment and so this morning’s school run was particularly challenging. Just imagine a silent stressed out mother flapping her arms very ineffectively at her giggling offspring and you’ll pretty much have a measure of it! Thanks for linking this to #DreamTeam x

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