Hey readers

My word of the week is:

this is because this week has been a proper full week and it is all about slipping into that routine.

Since the eldest has returned to year one he now gets homework,  making sure that is completed is a new thing to tick of my to-do- list. it is always a fight to motivate my boy to initially start the work but once he cracks on with it he is excellent at it.

My eldest went to his first Scouts group this week and he came home super excited. For the first time ever he roasting marshmallow on a fire. It totally blew his mind and he just loves learning through practical stuff rather then sitting down. So, this is right up his street. I am hoping this should be really good for him as he is learning loads of different skills rather then going to football.

Cheers for reading X

16 thoughts on “Routine 

  1. It sounds like you have all had a fantastic week. Everything runs better with a routine in place doesn’t it. Glad to hear scouts is going so well, both of my eldest children used to go and they had some amazing experiences. Have a lovely weekend x

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  2. I’m so looking forward to getting back into a routine next week. It’s been lovely not having to rush around and do our own thing but I think it’s been long enough now and things are slipping, so a routine will be good. How lovely that your eldest is going to Scouts and enjoying it x

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