Let kids be kids!

Hey readers,

“Aw isn’t she cute” is something I hear a lot when people talk about my youngest. You see he has long blonde hair and apparently people assume that means you’re a girl.

I mean boys cannot possibly look cute or pretty, this is the society we seem to live in and quite frankly it sucks.

What annoys me is why does it bother people so much, why are people asking me why don’t cut his hair? I’m sorry boys are not allowed to have long hair or pig tales or pink no, well f**k you my sons do.

I even have dresses for them and they are not even dress up, like proper dresses from Sainsbury’s and boy that is one way to get a reaction from people.

It is not something I do to get attention. I have social anxiety for crying out loud. I don’t like attention but what I do like is giving my sons the choice to choose what they want and give them opportunities as I would want if I had girls.

My son has a spotty swimsuit for swimming because he wanted to have one because his friend who is a girl had one and he liked it, simple as that.

It is a strange thing this idea to have to dress a boy or girl a detain way. It seem ‘s that if they have a penis then they can’t possibly have a dress or whatever. The same goes for girls wearing blue and trousers.


We need to  break down this silly rules, stop dictating us in shops with the two different departments. Let’s allow children to be children and give them the opportunity to choose, this will give better equality for all regardless of their sex.


I don’t want my sons to think they can’t do this or wear that simply because they are a boy. I want them to have the choice because they want to and having that freedom to do so.

We need to break down stereotypes and just accept that it doesn’t matter if a boy wears pink or girl wears blue it doesn’t stop their identity. They are still the same child.

Cheers for reading X



20 thoughts on “Let kids be kids!

  1. Totally agree. My eldest’s son’s favourite colour is red… after that it is pink because that’s ‘closest’ to red. And that’s just fine by me. Did you know society actually used to dress boys in pink and girls in blue? It switched at some point. Anyhoo look slike your lot at having fun and that’s what counts. #triumphanttales

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  2. The Boy likes his handbags and ‘girly purses’. One of my other sons had REALLY long hair until recently and my eldest is partial to wearing make-up even when it’s not part of his job. As a girl, I played with my brother’s toy guns. He played with my dolls. Kids should be able to do their own thing. Originality starts here. 🙂 X

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  3. Children need to be inspired to be what they want and gender doesn’t come into that. I think girls now have more freedom than boys with regard to clothes and toys 😦 #blogstravaganza

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  4. I am all for encouraging kids to be themselves and if that means they wear the “opposite” sexes clothes then so be it. I love how boys and girls clothes are slowly becoming less labelled for each sex and how its just clothes for kids!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow.

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