4 Things to consider when planning your mountain climbing holiday

Are you ready for your next big adventure? If you have not yet finalized your plans for your next holiday, consider going on a mountain climb instead.

Many say that they have never felt as close to nature as when they reached the summit of a mountain and appreciated not just the view but the feeling of being so small in a vast space. To make sure that you enjoy every minute of your mountain climbing holiday, read through the following tips and ready yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.

1. Always be prepared for anything – from the money, the gear you will bring and the equipment you will use, just make sure that you are truly prepared. If it is your first-time mountain climbing, ask from friends about the necessities that you should bring with you. Get a checkup so that you know if you are physically fit or if you will need any type of vaccine depending on the place you will be going to. It never hurts to be over prepared rather than regretting something in the end.

2. Do your research – find out everything you can about the area where you are going. Think of all your research as your weapon so that you are ready for anything that might happen. The more you know, the better prepared you will be. Start researching as early as possible, find out when the best time to go is, what the weather will be like in the time you want to travel there. Are there things that you should bring, things that you will not need. Find out about the culture of the people so that you can truly immerse yourself in the experience. Your achievement in mountain climbing should not just be about reaching the summit but in getting the most out of every experience you will go through.

3. Build your endurance – mountain climbing requires that you should be personally fit. It’s not the same as the two-hour hike you take occasionally in a nearby park. Mountain climbing can take days, and weeks even, and the high altitude can make breathing harder. You need to make sure that you are physically prepared for the climb. Go for a walk every day, then build your endurance. You can climb some small hills or mountains near your place so you have an idea of what real mountain climbing is like.

4. Get a solid partner or partners for your climb – it would be hard to go mountain climbing alone, especially if your plan is to trek places like Peru or the Himalayas. A good partner or partners would not only make the climb fun but if you are with people who have been to the place many times, you would be able to get tips and advice on your journey. If you can’t find anyone among your acquaintances to fit the bill, consider hiring professionals. Kandoo Adventures pride themselves in knowing the ins and outs of places like Mount Kilimanjaro, Everest, and the Inca Trail. Consider climbing mountains with Kandoo Adventures as you would be assured of safety and satisfaction with their service.

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