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because it’s a return of school for my oldest and he is now in year 1. He has been finding going back to school really hard these past couple of days. This is because of the change in the teaching as it is more  focused on learning over play.

 He is not very good with change and he needs things explaining to him. So, as you can imagine he’s not very happy. He has been complaining that he hate school, thinks it’s stupid and wishes he was back in reception again.

I just hope that with time that he can ease back into it and establish a routine.  I think this will help him feel more happier about gong to school.

Today my youngest has returned to nursery for one last year and then he will start school in September.

He on the other hand is super excited to be returning. I am looking forward to getting a better routine and quiet time. It has been lovely having them but it’s nice to have a break from it all.
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16 thoughts on “School 

  1. I think its when they get into yr 1 that they realise that it’s more work than play. I’m sure he will settle in time. My little man had trouble at first but now he’s going into year 3 and he’s still going even though it’s ‘boring.’ #wotw

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  2. We’ve definitely noticed the difference between Year 1 and reception – Jessica was quite disappointed that there is no show and tell in Year 1! Hope your eldest settles in well and glad your youngest is enjoying preschool. It is nice to have a bit of routine back again 🙂 #WotW

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  3. Two children with opposite approaches to life – sounds a bit like my children.
    I really hope that your oldest soon manages to settle into school; it’s hard when every day they don’t want to go into school and it’s a constant battle. I’m sure if you speak to the teachers they may be able to help him settle in. I think the transition from reception to Yr1 is challenging but in fact my boy has gone into Yr 2 and the transition is even bigger! Seriously, children should just be allowed to be children !
    I hope this week is going a bit better for you

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