4 Ways that the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine can help you

The need for mental health services is on the rise as there is more and more of the population that struggles to manage demons and issues that they cannot deal with on their own. The need for mental health services is critical and while there are government dollars going towards funding new programs and services for those affected by mental illness, many are still unclear as to how to go about getting help. This article will highlight some of the ways that the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine, also known as AddictionVA, can help you get the treatment you need to be the best you.

Treatment centers can often help with more than addiction and we will point out some of the most common areas in which people seek treatment.

  1. Bipolar disorder. People with bipolar disorder are typically misdiagnosed by family members and friends as being “crazy.” The truth is that those that struggle with bipolar disorder experience a vast range of mood swings from manic highs to a dark, deep, depressive state. A wide range of emotions plays out with this disorder as one can go from being energetic while in a manic high to suicidal when in a low period. As you can imagine, living like this can be exhausting and cause for an individual to suffer with identity development or feeling as if they belong. You can get assistance and find coping strategies that are effective for your disorder by getting help at a treatment center near you.

  2. Depression. This common problem is not something to ignore as those who experience it benefit a great deal from getting the resources and help that they need. Depression presents itself in many forms but they all negatively affect a person’s overall happiness and quality of life. Counseling and other services can help an individual break through their depressive state and find strategies to live a healthier life.

  3. Anxiety. It is normal to experience feelings of anxiety from time to time or in a new situation. Anxiety can appear as nervousness on the first day of school or when you try something new. It can also appear in more severe ways such as feeling overwhelmed and highly stressed on a daily basis. Anxiety can cause individuals to feel that they are out of control or overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks. There are several different types of anxiety disorders but the most common are social anxiety disorder or panic disorder. No matter what type of anxiety your loved one is managing on a daily basis, their quality of life could be vastly improved by the services offered at treatment or therapy centers.

  4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. People who experience a disorder such as OCD may seem to be controlling, compulsive, or overly obsessed. Some examples of this include obsessive thoughts that lead to anxiety, fear of things such as germs or bugs, or doing repetitive behaviors such as washing hands repeatedly. Treatment can help your family member or friend learn strategies to control their obsessions.

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