Rough patch

Some days are tough, struggling with anxiety seems a constant battle. The intrusive thoughts are so exhausting for hours they constantly battering my eyes with there nonsense. But in that moment it feels real and the thoughts of escaping are wanted. 

I want the noise to stop so I can think more rationally.  

I am going through a period of chronic anxiety triggered by my medication being reduced. I just got to keep going, riding the storm when it feels like I am drowning.

I’ve been here before many a time and I know I can get through it. It is just sticking with it through the highs and the lows. Which I know the sound of highs is a bit odd idea but actually having highs is also part of crippling anxiety. I can be laughing so intensely like a manic and the next petrified. It is exhausting but writing it down helps clear my head from all the murky mess that revolves around all day long.


Autumn Clothes Wishlist 2017

Hey readers,

wishlist header

It is September which means change of seasons. As you probably have seen the Autumn clothes are coming into the shops. I love this time of year especially in relation to fashion. I love the comfort of knitted wear, tights and autumn colours in clothing. I brilliant website is Lyst for all your fashion needs on one website and curated to your tastes.

I have deviced a wish list of some of the items I have spotted that I am lusting over and perfect for the autumn season.

autumn wishlist

1) I am loving this fun red animal print from Asos, I like the way that it is loose and funky design (£16.00).

2) Jumpers are stable pieces during the autumn season, I love this simple but warm soft knit from Monki  (£15.00).

3) Now the next piece is a bold number but that bright yellow jumpsuit from BooHoo to brighten up dreay day. It is in the sales as well for £6.00 – bargain!

4) I just love cable type jumpers and this red is to die for. It is from BooHoo and currently is £4.00 in the sales, so be quick to pick it up.

5) Finally, I present you this lovely dress from Asos. I think it is clear to say I am attracted to the colour red. I really like the thrills and it is something that you can wear most of the year with or without tights, so it is a real bargain in my eyes (£12.00).

Hope you have found some inspiration.

Cheers for reading X




Why social Media is good

Hey readers,

We all get bogged down in the negative side of social media, so let’s for today celebrate all the good aspects of social media.


The internet is a good way to express yourself. I know for me I find verbal communication really, really difficult due to being autistic. Therefore, writing things down on my blog has really helped. There is also a great autistic community on twitter for example where you can openly discuss topics, it is great to get responses back. It can help other people understand you and help get more personal awareness out on specific topics.

As a parent and someone who struggles with mental health, loneliness is a feeling that has occurred over the years. I find the internet fantastic to connect with other similar people, whether it be through blogging, reading other people’s experience, tweeting or even discussing worries/feelings in forums. Also,the internet can be a useful way to distraction yourself from focusing on negativity. It really has helped me get out of that funk.


The internet is a splendid place if you want to get lost. With so much information out there, it is great to enhance your learning. You can even find scholarly type materials on google or good old YouTube.

The internet is definitely one way to get free entertainment and to do stuff without breaking the bank balance.  There is so many options, some examples are; watching YouTube videos, listening to radio, using social media and evening writing blogs 😉

interent 1

If we look at recent events from this year especially in politics it demonstrates that the internet has a powerful voice. The cyber world can influence for the good and make positive changes. A example of this would be with the way the internet has evolved politics with such matters of politicians being more transparency, though it is a slow process, it is something that is being taken seriously, especially with the way that majority of people get their information from the internet. Gone were the days when it was a two leadership battle, with having the internet it opens doors for more choice. Therefore, politicians have to work harder to get them likes and ultimately the power to change the lives of the ordinary public.

What positives do you find in social media?

Cheers for reading X

Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs


3 Little Buttons


Snazaroo weekend box 

Hey readers,

Weekend Box Club have teamed up with Snazaroo to incorporate face paints to help creative imaginative and fun play. Weekend Box Club is a subscription service where you sign up and receive an activity box full of fun ideas, with all the material so you don’t have to worry about that.

The weekend box is a fun design, featuring four fun animal characters. The box is send to your child and there is nothing better for your child to open their own post.


 Have you heard of Snazaroo, well it is a branded face paint for children.  The product is made in the UK, they are skin friendly, fragrance, paraben free and premium cosmetic ingredients to be gentle on kids skin. The facepaint is recommended for 3 years and over.

 I got asked to test out the new range of Snazaroo facepaints set which will be arriving by in shops soon.

There is the general face paint set with three colours (black, white and yellow) with a brush and sponge.

The set on the right is three face paints (red, yellow and green) with three fun stamps (cupcake, smiley face and musical symbol). Perfect for playtime or to use when it is your little one’s birthday.

I found it really easy to apply the face paint as it is water based . Though I had to be careful not to day to day much water into my sponge/brush as it did make the paint it’s water. But this was my first ever attempt and I think that is more me learning the ropes.

I can confirm it is really easy to clean off in one wash, all you need is soap and water.

Both my boys have sensitive skin and found no problems when applying and after. There was no irritation or redness.

I like the idea of having a certificate that your child can colour in to help make them feel proud of their achievements.

There are a range of step to step instuctions on Snazaroo so you can inspiration or relax and not panic about what to do.


Below are my attempts at painting a wriggly three year old (a cheater) and the eldest asked for a camouflage/army style.

The boys really enjoyed the fun element of getting their faces painted and playing together in their characters. I found it really encouraged imagination and working together, which as a parent is always lovely to see.

There are five vibrant mini packs being released, which is the first time ever for the mini packs . The themes are summer, carnival, Halloween, Christmas and Easter, therefore covering all essential periods throughout the year. What is great about the facepaints is that there are few colours and in a handy pack so you can travel about with them. You can even put them in your bag if you’re going to a party or something. The price of the face paint packs are £2.99 but you can be sure to be able to get a lot of fun out of using them not to mention all them special dress up days at school!

Cheers for reading X

I was given the face paints in order of a review but all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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Family Fever


3 Ways that next day card processing is good for your business

If you are running a business and are having problems with credit and debit card transactions, then it might be the perfect time for you to apply for a next day card processing. You see, gone are the days where cash is the primary mode for payments for purchases and sales. Today, written checks can be used to pay for the supplies you bought from your trusted suppliers and credit cards and debit cards can be used as payments for your sales. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, carrying a lot of cash can cause much burden and delays. Thus, credit and debit cards and other plastic cards that are electronically connected to a person’s funds are the current trend. However, the problem with credit and debit cards especially for business owners is that the process and verification of the transaction can take at least 3 days to 1 week before the business can receive cash. And we all know how important cash flow is for a business. The faster we receive cash, the faster we can replenish and improve our business, the faster we can pay our dues and avoid interest and additional charges. Furthermore, cash is also used to pay overhead and other administrative expenses that are vital for the business operation.

If you want to avoid all these problems and risk the failure of your business, then you should definitely check out a Next Day Card Processing merchant and start getting your money the next working day. To further elaborate, below are 3 ways how a next day card processing merchant will help your business.

Faster Processing

With next day card funding, you would be able to speed up the processing and verification of your credit and debit card transaction. Next day card funding works by the merchant company, of which you applied for a next day card funding, directly verifying the business transaction between your business and the customer’s credit or debit Card Company. After which, the merchant company will deposit the money in your business bank account making the process a lot faster. The previous waiting time of at least 2 days has been shortened to at most 1 day with next day card processing. Furthermore, with next day card processing your business will be able to accept many kinds credit and debit cards.

Increase Sales

If your business is able to accept many kinds of credit cards thanks to next day card processing, then it goes without saying that your sales will also increase. There is a study that the turnover of credit sales is directly proportional to your sales, therefore, the faster you get paid for credit transactions, the faster you will be able to sell and replenish your inventories.

Reduce risk of Fraud and Scams

With next day card processing, you are significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent credit cards. We all know how scammers and thieves use fake and stolen credit cards for their purchases. And with the traditional methods where we wait for at least 2 days, it is already too late by the time we discover the scam. However, with next day card processing, you can quickly learn of the scam and implement your countermeasures at the earliest time possible.


Hey readers

My word of the week is:

this is because this week has been a proper full week and it is all about slipping into that routine.

Since the eldest has returned to year one he now gets homework,  making sure that is completed is a new thing to tick of my to-do- list. it is always a fight to motivate my boy to initially start the work but once he cracks on with it he is excellent at it.

My eldest went to his first Scouts group this week and he came home super excited. For the first time ever he roasting marshmallow on a fire. It totally blew his mind and he just loves learning through practical stuff rather then sitting down. So, this is right up his street. I am hoping this should be really good for him as he is learning loads of different skills rather then going to football.

Cheers for reading X 

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