Observations from having two children 

Hey readers,

I am luckily enough to be blessed with two boys. I remember in the earlier days of having my second child how completely different my world turned, compared to just having one bundle of joy.

Firstly, when having two children you need to have skills in multi-tasking and making sure each child has their own needs meet. For example, when it comes to play having suitable aged toys available to them. An example of this would be a playmat for the baby but for the toddler more advanced toys such as stacking blocks.

Online shopping or having the opportunity to take one child out is a blessing. I found it so hard trying to navigate a child and a push chair. I am really lucky enough to get hubby to look after one child whilst I went shopping with the other child. This situation really good for me right now as my eldest  needs a lot of one to one attention when it comes to practicing writing. Therefore, I don’t feel as guilty. But I am slowly learning for everyones sanity is it is ok to ask for help.

Make sure if you have two children of close age to make sure that when ever you chose something for them make sure that the item is exactly the same. Even if it is the same colour beaker, trust me the arguments over silly minor things like having a different colour cup is shocking. It keeps things calm and it protects your hearing from all the squabbling, win-win!
If you have electronical devices make sure there are two. I will one day persuade hubby to get another tablet because really it gives us all peace. Currently I dread when one child asks can they have the tablet, it is a nightmare. Sod the art of learning when it comes to technology, I opt for peace if I could. Until that day I am very much miffed at hubby, 😉.

A good thing about having two children is that the second time round  you kinda know generally what to expect. I felt more relaxed and confident as a parent with things like potty training and wenaing.
Having a second child close in ages is fantastic as my boys have such a strong bond and have a play partner. Not saying that they always get on as pickering often happens but I know they care and love one another. I don’t think you can ask for much more than that as a parent of two children.

Cheers for reading X

24 thoughts on “Observations from having two children 

  1. I’ve only got one, but having a sister myself I can’t agree more with things being the same! When I met my husband I was shocked that when it came round to gift buying for his godson and godson’s brother he always got them wildly different things (£10 gift card for godson, bag of sweets for brother) I soon ended that nonsense, so unfair on everyone!! #TwinklyTuesday

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  2. As a mother of an only child I find that holidays can be the most challenging as she doesn’t have a sibling to play (or ague!) with. I’m sure that she benefits in other ways though. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to being an only child but it’s the same with siblings.


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  3. Lovely observations and I can totally relate. Especially about the squabbles over “the blue plate” every morning. It sends me over the edge sometimes! Wouldn’t swap them for the world though. 😉 Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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  4. Hi, I imagine that in some ways, having two children is easier than one as there are times when they do entertain each other. Having a husband that helps is a great thing. Electronics weren’t a thing when my two were young, but I can imagine how helpful they can be. I had a video tape of several childrens TV programmes I used to pop on for some peace, if I heard it now I’d probably break down and cry!

    Thank you for linking up with #MMBC.


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  5. I found the jump from 1 to 2 children really difficult. I was just guilty all the time that neither child was getting all the attention they deserved. It’s hard at times but so worth it. My 6oungest is still a baby so don’t have to worry about the arguing over beakers and things yet but I’m sure my the will come hah xx #dreamteam

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  6. I’ll pass this info onto my neighbour who is going to have two under 20 months! My boys are 4 years apart so we don’t have quite the same issues! Although you never know, it could change as Oscar gets older! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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