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Hey readers,

Some days are really crap, you wonder how you are going to get through them especially when it is only 9:30 on the morning.

I am so tearful because I have reduced one set of medication. I know it is only a side effect and will be worth the pain in the long run. But right now it is a struggle especially when I am so needed during the summer holiday.

recovery 2

I am not very good when people demand me for long periods of time.  For me being autistic it is mentally draining and a real battle. I need to switch off and sometimes I just need escape to my bedroom for some peace for five.

I feel a bit suffocated as well being in a flat and the weather being rubbish. I just haven’t got the motivation to anything when I am so tired.


I feel so guilty for feeling tired when I should be on the ball but sometimes I question My ability to parent such as today. I know this is just short lived and because I am frustrated, that being said I have to battle with this thoughts.

I feel pulled into two ways to right my personal feelings as one side of me thinks I am being silly. The other side feels it is cathartic and may help someone.


It is amazing how powerful words on and just writing down your thoughts can really help even if there is no solution. It is a bit like therapy and that is one of the reasons why I love to blog. As in real life I am rubbish at expressing myself to others. Words seem to get mangled up and I stutter and shut down. Again this is influenced by my autism.

So, that is why I turn to my blog as a place of comfort and release of emotions. I don’t feel judged and it is a place where I can freely right without having to worry about all the other social aspects involved when speaking verbally.

Cheers for reading X

16 thoughts on “Blog Therapy 

  1. I can understand that. I’m rubbish at expressing feelings publicly, even to my OH and closest friends. A friend once said I was emotionally void! Blogging allows me let it all out x

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  2. I also blog for therapy. I am the kind of person who lets thoughts circulate around and around in my head. They eat me up. Blogging enables me to get my thoughts out of my head and onto the page. It enables me to categorise them and work through what I feel. Blogging has been extremely beneficial for me over the last couple of years. Pen x #stayclassymama

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  3. I write on my blog to help me when I’m feeling shit. Weirdly, I write my funniest stuff when I am struggling healthwise. NO, I don’t get it either lol. Sending you a massive Aspie cyber hug. X

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  4. Oh hun please don’t be too hard on yourself, bringing up little people is tricky enough. Take each day, every hour at a time. It’s great that you’ve been able to find an output through blogging, it does really help. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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