Hey readers,

My word of the week is:


I always have this problem with feeling guilty attached to staying at home with my boys. There is so much pressure to do something and be on the go that we can almost forget to take things slowly.

It is hard when you really struggle but taking it the slow lane has really helped me to enjoy my time with the boys. Don’t get me wrong there are moments when I want tear my hair out with all the bickering over such insignificant things.

I have enjoyed the most cuddles and just chatting whilst playing hairdressers. The boys have been more relaxed and I think we all have appreciated it.

Of course we didn’t stop everything we fitting in trying out our new dinosaur tray and making some yummy, scrummy getting in my tummy chocolate cake. It was divine.

Cheers for reading X

14 thoughts on “Homely

  1. You are right. There is so much pressure on going out and doing things with the kids. I felt we should go out today while my fella is off work but no one wanted to so we’re just staying home in our pj’s. It’s nice to take things slowly. That yummy, scrummy getting in my tummy chocolate cake sounds fabulous x

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  2. I’m a home bird so I totally get this but I do feel the pressure of ‘we must do something’. We like to get our son out in the hope that he will have a better nights sleep. If he stays in all day we have very restless nights. It does sound like you have had a great time at home #WotW

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  3. I have exactly the same problem, I feel the need to constantly occupy them so boredom doesn’t set in. I’m slowly learning to let them be bored and learn to entertain themselves. It sounds like you have had a fun and relaxing week. Have a nice weekend. #WotW

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