Selfishness can be good

Hey readers,

I know when you hear the word selfish it dipicts  a negative picture but I want to share with you today why it is actually good for you SOMETIMES to be selfish.

Firstly, because you are listening to your needs and not others. Sometimes, we need to say I want this because I need it for my saniety.

It gives you assertiveness and feeling of comfortability to talk about your feelings to others. It is healthier because of not ignoring your needs and doing something about it can help you feel good. Asking for something should not be shamed upon, asking for help is ok, for me asking for timeout is important. It calms me down and others so in the long run everyone is winning.

You are listening to your needs and doing something constructive about it. As long as you are polite then I think it is ok to say look I need this for me becuase of XYZ.

You will help build your self-awareness skills in opening up to what you need. It will help increase your self-worth because you are being constructive and doing something to help you feel better.

It could mean better relationships because you are finding a solution to a problem, for example if you cook a lot and say to a housemate I need one a day a week off and you need to do the meal for us instead. Even though they might object it gives you the change to discuss issues and talk about how you are feeling. There is less anger and being open will be benefit making the situation more harmonious compared to if you sat on it and didn’t raise your issues. At least  then this could mean  something productive has helped and lead to more positive relationships without any negative impact because you have talked about the situation

Cheers for reading X

18 thoughts on “Selfishness can be good

  1. Blogged about inspirational women today and some of the things you mention here were on the list of how to be inspirational. Looking after number on is good in that it enables us to do our best by others too

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  2. I think that one of my biggest problems is asking for help. I tend to just struggle and do things on my own and feel like I become a bit helpless sometimes if i ask for help. We definitely all need to be selfish sometimes for our own good as well as everyone elses #twinklytuesday

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  3. I think we have to be a little selfish sometimes to preserve our sanity. It’s not so easy when you have little ones, but now my two are older I am a little more selfish and think of my own needs more. I call it recharging my batteries, which is what it essentially is as it gives me a brighter outlook and when I’m happy the family is happy.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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  4. Definitely agree with this – I would bery much like to be selfish at the moment – unfortunately the baby still likes lots of booby milk but as soon as that stops, I will be having a whole day to myself!! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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