Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

because it is the start of six weeks off. Not sure if I should celebrate not having to do the school run etc or poop my pants at the bickering. All though technically it is five weeks now as one week has been done and dusted.

Well what had happened in that week, boys get quality time together mixed with the bickering.

The boys gave learnt the art of pillow frightening.

First trip to the A&E hopefully the last, basically youngest fell of the sofa.and caught his head on the TV corner. He has a small gash and he has got special glue but hopefully it will teach them not to mess on the sofas.

All the routine has gone out of the window.

So as you can see a pretty epic week to kick the summer off.

Hope your enjoying your first week off.

Cheers for reading X

16 thoughts on “Holiday 

  1. We had numerous trips to A & E when the lads were small with cuts to the forehead where they had face dived onto steps or the corner of their grans fireplace. Me? An old back door fell on my head when I was little lol When I do things, I do em big. 😉 X

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  2. Oh no, seems like no summer holidays is complete without a trip to A&E, hope he’s healing quickly. It’s so hard to stay in a routine during summer, hope you have a lovely weekend x

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