How to be content

Hey readers,

In this day and age it is hard not to compare yourself.  I for one am guilty of this, it is so easy to assume that one has it all whilst you feel like you are floating above water.

We can forget that what you see with your eyes on the surface may not be the actually truth. How can possible know everything about someone when we only see a glimpse.

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That is why it is important to look for content within and not on unrealistic ideas that assume make other happy.

Sometimes you can fall under the trap of negativity, where all you see is the bad stuff. That is why it is important to take stock of what is good in life. No one has it all but I am a true believer in that there is one good thing in life even if it is small.

Today I felt sad as if my life is going anyway. I could continue down the negative spiral but won’t get me anywhere, it will just make me feel ten times worse.

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The things I have succeeded in is getting up and making sure my children are well and happy. I have read a book and even writing this post is productive.

I think it is important to accept the things you do have and not dwell. Being content with yourself so a hard thing to achieve when there are so many messages everywhere telling us to be like this or that. You feel like you are questioning everything.

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I think the main that I have learnt in my adult life is meaning and the value you put on something. I think that is the powerful thing. If you let go of connecting to something you would be amazed at how little impact it has on you.

I think the thing that is key in being content is questioning everything and working out what it means to you. Deep down is it really important to you?

Cheers for reading X

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10 thoughts on “How to be content

  1. Great post and a great message. Well done to you for taking positive steps and pulling yourself out of a negative spiral (which is actually easier said than done).

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  2. I try to stay positive, it’s difficult as I am a disabled stroke survivor, my husband has helped me to think of the things that I can still do, rather than what I can no longer do #brilliantblogs@_karendennis

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  3. I think we can all get a bit bogged down sometimes, but you are right – reflecting on positive things does the world of good. I recently read writing a ‘done list’ instead of a ‘to do list’ is a great way of feeling positive on a daily basis…
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

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  4. I always fought all my life and content and happy did not appeal to me as I tried to change things. In middle age I am finding my own peace and contentment and I guess cherish it more after so many decades of giving myself a hard time. Wise words from you again

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  5. You are so right – it is so easy to fall into the trap of negativity but if we look for the little things that are good in life and make us happy it can be so beneficial for our mental wellbeing. This is a great message you’re putting across – to focus on what we have achieved, even the “small” things and try not to let negative thoughts spiral out of control until they effectively “become” us. Great post #CoolMumClub

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