Sue didn’t like her life that much and was constantly in a state of fear, waiting around for the time when they were going get her. This made Sue feel like she was living on a constant edge,  she couldn’t even enjoy her favourite programme, Deal Or No Deal.

image 1

Every time there was a knock at the door she jumped.  She knew they would come but the anticipation was killing her inside.  She did not know how long she could live a life in fear for.

Then suddenly the day arrived and they were there waiting for her at the door, wanting to get in. Sue tried to hide but this was totally pointless.

They were monitored Sues every months, she could not escape this nightmare. They were watching her and they would never miss a trick.

image 3

Sue could feel her heart pounding against her chest, the thought of then touching her again and knowing they wanted that something of her made her skin crawl.

You see Sue owned them her life, ironically she was already in her own prison and she couldn’t live a normal life. If she dared to but up a fight she risked more abuse and hell for being hostile.

Today was the night she was going to do something about it. Standing in the kitchen she spotted the knife block and the temptation was high. She had nothing to lose but would she have the strength to end this hell…..

image 2

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