National picnic week 

Hey readers,

Apparently I have been told that this week is national picnic week so let’s celebrate this appreciate for all things picnicy!

picnic 2

Firstly, as a parent picnic’s are a blessing because it means less tiding up for you as you leave the crumbs and check the paper plates in the bin, result!

You can pretend to be all fancy with your paper plates and napkins, there is a sense of sophistication (even if it is paper).

It is a great way to get out of mummy prison and less time having to focus on what the hell you going to do to entertain your child.

Any excuse for some ice-cream – let’s make this a number one priority when having a picnic.


Picnic food can be finger food, which is my kinda food. It is lovely a spread out where you can take as you please, there is a sense of family and togetherness. You can bond and talk about life *cue sick bucket*.

Nothing says summer like eating out Al fresco in the open.

When your young it feels like an adventure and it is free in the fact that when it is winter and miserable you end up in soft play hell and a hole in your wallet.

It is good to have a change of scenery and doing something different. Parenting can become tedious doing the same thing day in, day out so it gives us parents a change to keep hold of your sanity.


Eating outside when the sun is shining is a quick way to top up on some Vitamin D, which has some health benefits with helping  your mind feel good.

Technically if the child/ren are outside they are running around during that energy off which means that they should sleep better, *fist pumps*.

Cheers for reading X

17 thoughts on “National picnic week 

  1. i love a good picnic, it can be on a beach, in the car or even in the garden. I often picnic on my own, just to make a day more interesting and i’m looking forward to my uk visit next week from the UAE where i can actually get outdoors and enjoy the summer #pocolo

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  2. OOOh I love picnics! But I’m one of those mad people who enjoy a car picnic in the rain or an indoor pic is under blankets if it’s just too awful to get outside! We often have garden picnics, it’s rude not to isn’t it?! Right, must pack for tomorrow’s picnic at the kid’s sports day!! Hoorah for Picnic week!! #stayclassymama 🌺

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  3. How did I not know it was national picnic week?? We love picnics. We have them on days out, in the garden and on a rainy day in the lounge on the picnic rug. My girls eat so much better when its a picnic too, win win! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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  4. Sounds like you had a lovely picnic! When I get home from work I try and get my son outside when it’s sunny, our neighbors have a paddling pool so we have been going over there to play and have dinner. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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