Hey readers,

My word of the week is:


because I am really suffering bad with hayfever. My sinuses keep getting blocked and casing headaches and dizziness. I find it really hard to think or make decisions, I don’t know it could potentially just being my odd self.

But I am enjoying the breeze this week (when it happens), it is really refreshing. I particularly one of those people who love watching washing dance about on the line, I don’t why but I just find it really calming, simple pleasures and all that!

I am glad to be getting this week over with I have had to do a bit of wrapping, which I don’t particularly enjoy and may at one point have hurdled the sellotape across the room, because it was really annoying me getting caught up and twisted with the tape.

In other news been really glued to the news with regards to the election, I thought 2016 could not top it for an ‘interesting’ political time, but wooooo, it is getting fierce now.

Cheers for reading X

25 thoughts on “Hayfever

  1. Oh, poor thing 💐💐. Yep, same here, and I think that’s what finally herniated my neck disc this time 😱😳. So much sneezing! Benadryl to the rescue! Only problem is that it knocks me out lol. So I have to wait, and take it at night. Doesn’t help the neck disc, just the hay fever 💞💞

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  2. I sympathise, we have all been suffering here too with hayfever it’s awful. I dislike wrapping too, I usually put the sellotape down somewhere and then can’t find it. I opt for gift bags nowadays. #WotW

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  3. So sorry to hear you are suffering, it’s not something I’ve ever had but it sounds awful. I’d say get well soon but I guess that depends on the weather and the pollen levels x #wotw

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