Why it's good to cry

Hey readers,

I really struggle with my emotions at the best of times but there is one thing that I always fin helpful when dealing with my emotions and that is to cry.


Before,  I used to hate it, as I felt so weak and a useless lump. However, my mindset has shifted as I got older and I came to the firm conclusion that I do enjoy a good old cry. It might not come to any solutions on how to deal with the problem but the feeling of when you cry feels like a cleaning of my motions, which I think is good for me mentally.

A lot of the time when I cry it occurs when I have had a build up of all the frustration and believe me and you I  get frustrated A LOT. I am autistic and struggle with seeing the world through a non-autistic way,  therefore I fee at times really angry and sad. That is why it is also important for me to find an outlet to get them feelings out in the open so they don’t get so overwhelming and interfere with my life too much.

crying 2

Therefore, I appreciate it when I cry, it is my body and mind telling me to let go, just let it all out and to me it feels like all the tension floating away. The after feeling of crying is what I enjoy the most, that transition where I can think clearer. I might not have any power to sort out a problem, nevertheless it helps make me think a bit more logically.

I see crying as a healthy way to manage my emotional response to a problem. we all cry  whether we admit to it or not. We should celebrate crying more and view crying as a natural reaction to situations when we feel sad.

crying 3

Research has highlighted that crying actually has a chemical response in the fact that we reduce our manganese levels. It has been found that when we cry the mineral manganese affect our mood and it is 30 times greater concentrated in tears then in the blood serum.

Crying gives us more control as we are actually physically doing something to help ease the pain, acknowledging the feelings and in a sense has been a way to helps humans survive in life.

Cheers for reading X


20 thoughts on “Why it's good to cry

    1. This is very true though I suspect it is also important I so in biological sense to be caution because we don’t want that big animal to eat us all up. That is what miss about being a child when you just didn’t give a dame! X


  1. I could not agree more. I have days where I can feel the emotion literally building behind my eyes and I know the only release is to cry. If I can’t make it come I just put on a very sad film and have a blub until I feel better. I feel so much lighter after a cry. I guess if you look at our more ‘primative’ behaviour (and by that I mean toddlers such as my daughter) when it all becomes too much the only thing they know to do is cry. It’s got to be a natural and instinctive response compared to logically reasoning something out!! #CoolMumClub

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  2. You’ve broken down crying into parts I don’t think about. Crying is amazing and there are so many different types. I trained as an actress and it was a different preparation for tears of joy, grief, heartbreak etc. This is a lovely post.

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  3. From someone who crys at least three times a week I couldn’t agree more. I also encourage my teenagers to’have a good cry’. My boy is 16 I love seeing men cry( obviously not as a result of something I’ve done!) I think it shows them as strong human beings. Being in touch with your emotions is crucial and something we should celebrate 🙂

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