Autistic adulting sucks!

Hey readers,

I hate people, seriously all they ever seems to do is be fake it. Why can’t people be honest and just tell the truth because you think it hurts peoples feelings. But here is the thing I already know so don’t pussy around the subject.

It sucks being autistic, the constant rejection of people, pretending to be nice when really they don’t give two monkeys.


I am sick of it and sick of this world that I live in. It doesn’t help I am stuck in places where people don’t really know where to put me. Let’s face facts first impressions count and no one likes the awkwardness of the autistic people, it is much easier to just deny us the opportunity. Even though us autistic people would so bloody hard, more so then the average person because we have to,i t’s a fight to fit in when your just totally failing on the outside. I feel lost and I don’t belong, this place feels lonely. Sometimes, I just can’t face it anymore but once again you have to find the strength to get back up again even though you are plummeting into a dark, dark place.


It sucks to have to undergo interviews when clearly they are not autistic friendly and again I feel like my needs are met.  Don’t you understand us autistic people can’t cope with question after question without getting burnt out, not to mention the social interaction, it takes all our resources to get through it to then be told that actually we are not looking for people at the moment. But why put me through this hell, what you really mean is your not a suitable candidate, just be honest, at least I know where I stand. Right now I feel insulted and taken for a full. It took all my energy to get out my comfort zone and I am devastated. It really does suck because of the effort I but into these things but never get the opportunities, I don’t know why I bother.


Even as an adult I am always dealt with the hand of rejection and you know what people it sucks, big time for us autistic people to be treated like this. I am just thankful for my blog as it is an outlet when other times I can not muster the words to anyone the pain I am battling everyday. Rant over!

Cheers for reading

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16 thoughts on “Autistic adulting sucks!

  1. It’s hard because when the autistic people I’ve worked with have shown brutal honesty it can be one of the best qualities but the expectation that others do the same causes problems and sometimes that honesty can also cause problems. I don’t know what to say because I don’t know if this will ever change. I admire you for working on your comfort zone and for sharing this, people need to know. I do believe all people are frustrated with something and need a rant, so rant away. #POCOLO

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  2. You should rant. Otherwise how can people understand. This is a great post. I’ve interviewed plenty of people and I’ve never thought how the intense questioning may be harder for some. I hope you find the right person to give you the break into a job that you deserve. Please don’t give up. #PoCoLo

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  3. Thank you for this post. I know many kids who are autistic, yet not many adults. Your post is quite honest and authentic. I wish so much more for you so you don’t have to feel this way. People need some education and awareness. Know who owns the problem — it’s us, not you! ❤ ❤ #FabFridayPost

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  4. Aww! Bless you! Thinking of you! It is horrible that you feel like this. Well done on getting out of your comfort zone. That is a great achievement. x

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  5. Aww… I know that frustration after the interview that you are hoping for and that they turn you down. I am not autistic but sometimes I am judged as a minorities because I am a foreigner at birth – an immigrant not an expat. Like I am a second class human being. Sometimes I hate people too. Chin up girl. You did your best. & Well done for getting up every morning and moving on. Big hugs. xx #FabFridayPost

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