Snow Holidays Are A Dream Come True


More often than not, kids get excited about holidays. Surprisingly enough, though, the holiday they get the most excited about isn’t the long summer break. It’s the Christmas and winter holidays. One could argue that it’s all about the present, But that would be wrong. In truth, kids love holidays during the winter season because they hope for a thick coat of snow to turn the grey winter landscapes into a beautiful white painting. Depending on where you live, snow can be quite scarce even in winter. In other regions, everything is white, and life almost stops for days after each snowfall. There is something very real about the emotional attachment that people have for snow holidays. They feel homelier, cosier and they are full of cherished memories. That’s because, inside every one of us, there is a small child who dreams of playing in the snow. And that is exactly what snow holidays are about: They make our inner child’s dream come true.

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Snow Makes You Happier

As a general rule of the thumb, snow makes you genuinely happier. Indeed, snow reveals a fresh new perspective to our everyday world. It erases the routine and transforms it into a fresh, white coat of excitement. But more importantly, snow is very calming. Just like the sound of water can soothe stress, the sight of snow creates a sense of inner peace and clarity. Its infinite whiteness is magical to the human mind. Finally, snow reveals nature in its whole beauty. Only monochromatic shapes remain after a snowfall, but they are majestic and enchanted. It may just be a naked tree in winter, but covered in snow, it is the first tree of a magical forest out of a fairy tale. Snow revives our imagination and our sense of amazement.


A Sense Of Wonder

If you are one who wants to explore the power of snow, you may feel attracted to the natural sense of wonder it gives to everything around. What best way to admire it than to look for glass igloo holidays within the Aurora Zone? Picture yourself lying down in a warm glass bubble, surrounded by the snowy trees of the forest, and gazing through the glass ceiling top the stars and the northern lights. If this excites your curiosity, it is the kind of holiday that you will need to plan in advance, and preferably as a surprise for the kids. If you pick your dates carefully, you may even meet Santa!


A Sense Of Togetherness

The other beauty of a winter holiday is the sense of togetherness that it brings. It’s hard to know whether it’s the calming effect of the snow or whether it’s the natural playful that it evokes, but families tend to get together during winter ski holidays. They can share common activities, from skiing to making a snowman, and enjoy the active lifestyle for a week or two. Contrary to the common belief, ski holidays are extremely healthy. While you may be indulging in the degustation of a sweet hot chocolate in the evening and maybe a rich mountain dish, as you spend most of your day playing in the snow outside, your body gets fitter and stronger. And you’re all having a great time of it!


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