Reasons why the boy throws a fit

Hey readers,

Kids are funny creatures aren’t they, you think you sussed them but then something happens and you what!!!! Here are some classic examples where you really wish you could understand but just leaves you even more confused.

Now I have two children which causes some lovely moments but other times hell over really silly things such as why has he got his bed over their on the left side and they so badly want it.


When you don’t give your child that colour plate they so desperately need or else there whole life will fall a part in that instance.

Major suck in having to hold hands with you because they so are grown up when walking home from school and feel they may look like a baby in front of their friends.

moody 2

The emotional breakdown lasting two weeks after Christmas and having the difficulty to understand that boxing day it ends, haha!

When they are overly tired and you look at them, the filthy look they give you thinking how very dare you look in my direction!

The million and one question where has the hand wash gone (even though it is right at the end) they still have to question you and interrogate you on the new hand wash. Why, it is just bloody hand wash brought from Poundland, it is even the same make for God sake.

moody 3

Having a breakdown that school is not on a Saturday because they so desperately want to go on that specific climbing frame even though you offered a visit to a better one at the park. It is just simply not good enough.

Having an almighty challenge of getting them into the bath and then later having to battle the tears and tantrums of not wanting to get out ever.

What kind of things baffle you as a parent?

Cheers for reading X

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23 thoughts on “Reasons why the boy throws a fit

  1. Children can be completely illogical, and I just don’t get it at times! But I think we have to remember their emotions are so much rawer than ours, and often it’s just a manifestation of frustration and not being can’t to communicate well enough to explain themselves! Doesn’t help when they’re having a meltdown in a supermarket tho does it?!

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  2. What baffles me is how DIFFERENT each of my children have been — and they’re all boys, so I was expecting at least a pattern to develop, but truly found that even what motivates them is different for each of the four boys, and their responses are all so unique.
    Our kids keep us on our toes — and on our knees!

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  3. It is the inconsistency that drives me mad too! My partner can’t understand why Zach resists sleep when he is obviously exhausted. Why does the colour of plate matter?! I don’t know but it makes a huge difference apparently #mmbc

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  4. I stopped trying to get my head around the whys of the actions of children a while ago. We can stop, we can listen, but sometimes there are some things we will never understand. Oh! The joys of parenting.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.

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