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I haven’t done a word of the week linky for awhile because I just wanted a break from all the linkies. But truth be told I miss linking up my blog to linkies because it pushes me to engage socially, which is always a positive for an autistic person like myself.

Also, I have learnt it is my blog and I can chose whether I want to participate or not, I don’t always have to do it every week. I have learnt not so strict and irritable.

I am not going lie it helps to link up with my stats and I love numbers so always a bonus for me.

Also, I struggle as I tend to get so overwhelmed with blogs that joining in with linkups helps me learn about new content, good or bad, it is food for thought. It can provide inspiration or give different avenues for blog ideas.

Sometimes, you just got to try and see what works for you, I never stop learning and that is one major thing I love about being a blogger.

Cheers for reading X

The Reading Residence

8 thoughts on “Engage

  1. I love linkies for the same reasons, the statistics are great, but the engagement with others is even better. Plus, there are so many bloggers out there you may forget about visiting some of your favourite ones, then find them on a linky so you can catch up. It is hard work sometimes though and you need to take a break every now and then. x

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  2. I think you’re so right about linkies. They’re there for you to use and when you want to join in, but you shouldn’t feel obliged to join. They are great for engaging with other blogs and getting chatty! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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  3. Linkies are great but they can be overwhelming too. I’ve limited the number I join in with now which makes it much easier. It’s lovely to have you back joining in though – as you say, it is your blog and you have the choice over whether or not to join in. It’s ok to take a step back when needed. I love linkies for building community and getting to know other blogs and #WotW has always been one of my favourites for that x

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