Buying Instagram Followers

Hey readers,

I am going to be quite open and frank about this, potentially viewed as controversial BUT a lot of people do it.  That thing that I am talking about is buying Instagram followers and so many people that have spoken to have suggested it, I won’t name them because I am nice like that.

instagram follow

So I thought I would give it a go, why not, in for a penny etc and see the effects it has on my social media stats etc. So I brought 4000 in total, the problem is I have an addictive personality and always get that love for that instant hit. But here is the thing yes stats went but so what, the initial excitement of just getting likes/followers was a buzz at first, I can not deny that. But then I hated it because it did not feel organic and like a typical addictive personality it was short lived.


Yes there is loads of numbers but it didn’t feel right and lost interest very quickly. I used to prior buying followers enjoy the fact that people out of the own free will with no temptation come to my pictures like them and if I am lucky then they may follow. That is what I miss, the honesty, even if I didn’t have much of a follow, I felt good about myself. Not dirty and dishonest. Hence why I deleted my account and set a new that would grow naturally.


So, from my own curiosity it is not worth the money, it is short lived or properly I am guessing can get very addictive and artificial. If you have like me too many feelings then it really is not worth in the long run. To much hassle and then you loose the Instagram love. I definitely safe my money and spend it on crap from Poundland instead.

Cheers for reading X



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