Lesson (Short Story).

This is a lesson for you to learn, that you can’t hide your pain forever. Someone will find the truth and will listen to your upset.

You think you know everything, you got it down to the nitty gritty but your view is warped. Because you have your own agenda and you feel angry for being left so vulnerable.

No one wants to  be taken advantage, especially not you. You hate the way it has scared and tainted your out view.


You don’t feel you can love anymore, the trust has been broken. You used to be so trustworthy, open to all. Now your so closed off, because you don’t ever want to be hurt like before. People may view you as controlling but deep down your just a child screaming no.

The one big lesson for you is that life will never be the same again. That makes you angry the preparatory can come and take as they please. Who do they think they are, having that right to destroy such innocence that can never be restored ever again.

lesson 2

A part of you is torn away and you are left empty, a shell of what you once were. I hate you with all my might but you are out there free to wonder.  No one is safe of this robber who preys on venerable because they are so easy.

I hate you and I wish you were dead, why did you mess me about for?  I used to be so happy but now I am nothing!

I worry for the future as I don’t know how I will manage. I feel broken with no one to understand. Every day I am reminded of the lesson that you taught me. I have flashbacks and the pain is unreal.


I wish I could find you and intern teach you a lesson to not mess.  But I don’t feel lucky so instead I hold on to the hope that fate finds you and batters you with the consequences of your past actions.

NB: this is a fiction piece where I want to enhanced my creative skills. 

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