Evening air

Hey readers,

One of my favourite times of year is spring/summer in the early evening, where the sun goes low and everything appears quite. I love to open my back door and feel the air breeze linger in, giving the my living room that fresh feel.

I associate it with a fond childhood memory of when I was a little girl spending the evening at my grandparents back garden whilst Coronation Street was blasting away in the evening and the back garden was free  to roam.

summer evening 2

We used to run around and feel like wild animals in the long grass and trees shaded at the back. I also have a vivid memory of the tall tree standing sole and saw the crisp green of the leaves shining down the sun was high.

The dirt felt good in your hands and everything felt so free, there was no worries just the simple enjoyment of being outside and not wanting to come in.

Me and my siblings raced around in and out of the dried out clothes hanging on the line, laughter was dominated and the days felt so long.

I helped my nanny get the washing down from the line and fold it away in the basket. Maybe, that is I don’t find hanging washing on the line a chore but more of a pleasure and I do for relaxation.

washing hanging

I always remember hearing the man with his tune of his van stop for my nanny to buy goods such as bananas.  Or the way the sun leaked into the nettings, Oh the memory is still strong.

I feel more calm in the early evening, when the light is low and everything feels like it is on a break until the morning where the work gets picked up and started again.

summer evening

These are the simple memories we hold and so funny how we associate a lot of our childhood to things we can enjoy now.

Happy times!

Cheers for reading X

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